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Top Ten Blog Post Ideas

Top Ten Blog Post IdeasTop Ten Blog Post Ideas

The question I hear most often these days seems to be: ‘Where do I get ideas for what to blog about?’ I decided to provide some ideas for you here. These ideas might seem obvious at first, but when you’re stuck nothing seems obvious, or easy, for that matter. At least, not for me.

Borrow Them!

Now I’m definitely not talking about plagiarism here. Instead, I’m talking about visiting your favorite blogs, making a list of your favorite posts from those sites, and then writing about the ideas presented there by giving your unique take on them in the form of your own post.

If you copy any content for a quote or reference, be sure to give credit to the author. This can help to forge a relationship with the other blogger that could lead to bigger things for both of you.

Writing Contests

Everyone loves a contest. Either start your own writing contest or enter one, or do both.

Google: “Writing Contest,” explore the various topics and make a list of the topics you’d enjoy writing about for reference. This can give you even more ideas for future posts.

Book Reviews

I especially love it when people review one of my books on their blog. I get a Google Alert for my name and dash over to that blog to thank them and leave a comment. Other authors have done this for me as well. Write book reviews and turn them into standout critiques that help potential readers decide which books to read.

If you write stellar reviews on a regular basis you’ll become considered an expert reviewer, admired, respected and, well, in some cases, hated. You’re not going to love every book you review, but that’s okay, as long as you are professional and honest in your review.

Make A Top Ten List

Whatever your niche, how about making a top ten (or 20, or 30, or whatever) list of blogs related to it. Other lists you might consider are your top ten favorite business books, inspirational movies, classic rock albums, artists, and anything else worthwhile you can think of.

Make your list more interesting by providing useful information about each item. When I created the list of blogs, I also included links to what I considered the best posts from each of those blogs.


If you’re not sure who to interview, consider interviewing bloggers within your niche or bloggers who write about closely related topics. The key to getting interviews with top bloggers is to ask them. It’s really as simple as that – just ask!

Who knows, you might even land interviews with the top of the top, such as those people you admire most in your niche.

When I started my podcast series I wanted to interview leaders in the online marketing space. All I did was ask them. Now it’s your turn. Choose someone you admire and ask for an interview.

I have one more tip for you about asking for interviews, have your questions prepared before asking. I usually include the questions with my initial request.


Make a list of your favorite quotes. Famous, inspirational, motivational or whatever kind of quotes you like. Just Google for this and you’ll find lots of sites to draw from. Many of them are even organized by category and topic.

How To Do Something

Do you know how to do something? Well, of course you do! Because you’re awesome like that. Write a detailed post teaching others how to do it. Do the same thing for everything you know and you’ll soon be regarded not only as an expert and authority, but also as a generous expert.

How-to posts are not limited to what YOU know. Perhaps you hired someone to design a book cover and you learned a few things from the experience.

Share Your Adventures

Everyone I know loves to travel and they all love to research places they are going to visit. Where have you visited, why did you go there and what did you learn?

I’ve done this with my trips to Europe, the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and my trips with Rotary to China and Thailand.

Ask Fellow Bloggers To Guest Post

Set up guidelines for guest posters and only approve the very best. If you have an area within your niche that you don’t write much about, ask guests to fill the gap.

I’m always looking for people to write a guest post for me that my readers would enjoy.

Answer questions

If you answer a question in an email or comment that you know is relevant to the rest of your readers, consider writing a detailed post about it.

I hope these top ten blog post ideas have been helpful to you. Leave a comment and share your own ideas for what to blog about as you build your online business.

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10X Rule: Blogging For Your Business

10xrule 198x300 10X Rule: Blogging For Your BusinessI am currently rereading Grant Cardone’s fantastic and thought provoking book The 10X Rule – The Only Difference Between Success and Failure and have decided to apply these concepts to blogging for your business. In this book Cardone defines ‘the 10X Rule’ as a two part process, where the first part involves assessing the level of effort necessary to realize a goal and the second part being to adjust your thinking so that you dare to dream at levels previously unimaginable.

Because I firmly and wholeheartedly believe blogging to be an integral part of success as an online entrepreneur, let’s take a closer look at exactly how the 10K Rule applies.

The fatal mistake I observe all too many bloggers make is that they are not focusing on their area of specialization. If your blog’s topics and categories are all over the map and readers are never quite sure what to expect from you, then it’s probably not worth their time to stay subscribed or to ever visit your site again after their initial visit.

Think about this: There is something you know so well that if you were to write interesting and helpful posts about it on a regular and consistent basis you would attract a very specific readership and you’d become viewed as an expert in that field. And that is exactly what you want – a specific group of readers interested in what you’ve got to say on your topic.

What do you know better than anything else? What can you write about day in and day out, or at least week in and week out? When you figure out the same answer for both questions, blog about that for at least the next six months and see what happens.

Remember and believe that your audience is waiting for you. They need you to share your knowledge and understanding and experiences with them. Teach them what you know and believe. So even though it’s normal when you start blogging that you want to attract as many readers as possible, the mistake is believing that writing about any and every topic will help build your readership.

Grant Cardone would recommend that you apply the 10X Rule to your blogging by having the pure domination mentality, where you think ten times the thoughts and take ten times the actions of what others bloggers do on a regular basis.

Having a small group of niche readers follow your blog can become a very large group fast. If even one percent of people in the world are interested in what you have to say that would be seven million people! The more you narrow down your niche topic you’ll increase your ability even further to attract the right people to your blog. By being more specific it helps your readers make a choice by letting them know what’s in it for them.

Make a huge effort to stay focused, write regularly, and be open to building your business and growing it exponentially, in accordance with the 10X Rule.

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Santa Barbara Business Retreat

sb beach 225x300 Santa Barbara Business RetreatI’m in Santa Barbara this week, where I live half of the time. Today I visited two of the restaurants and one of the museums where I will be taking my clients when they arrive next week for my Santa Barbara Business Retreat. I’ve hosted groups of three to five people in this way six times previously. This Mastermind Retreat is a part of my Platinum Mastermind, an elite group I work with exclusively to help them build successful businesses both online and offline.

Many times my students do not know exactly what to expect when they schedule their week with me and the others here in Santa Barbara. That’s perfectly alright as I prefer they not show up with any preconceived notions of what they will get while they are here. The idea is for them to be open to whatever happens and to know that their lives will be forever changed by participating in this small group Mastermind in the beautiful setting of Santa Barbara.

We begin the Retreat by giving each person a chance to share more about themselves with the rest of our group. They explain why they want to build a business, how long they have been trying to do so, what their business model is currently, and some of their challenges and successes along the way. What they have in common is a desire to become successful entrepreneurs, a willingness to help others in the process, and a determination to make it all happen in a timely manner.

By the end of our week together these incredible people have found new ways to accomplish their goals, discovered a more powerful ‘reason why’ and connected with people they will know for years to come.

Success After Attending The Santa Barbara Business Retreat

You may be wondering about the level of success people achieve after spending time with me in Santa Barbara. The answer is that it varies, depending upon where each person was when they first arrived. I have some people who come to me with only an idea and dream, but with no website, products, or marketing skills. Others arrive with an already established business that just needs fresh ideas and insights into how to move seamlessly to the next level. In either extreme, or with anyone whose business falls somewhere in the middle, this is a week well spent.

What seems to make the difference is the degree of action and implementation is put forth in the days and weeks immediately following the Retreat. Those who hit the ground running are much more likely to find success than those who continue to think about what they wish to do and to search for different answers to the same questions.

If the Santa Barbara Business Retreat sounds like something you would like to be a part of in the near future, please join my list and connect with me to explore how we may work together to build your business in a way that works for you.

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