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Online Marketing Tips Podcast: New Rules for Online Marketing 2015

New Rules for Online Marketing for 2015 : Online Marketing Tips Podcast

Online Marketing Tips PodcastMy annual ‘New Rules for Online Marketing’ call for 2015 is now available. You may listen here on this page through the live stream, subscribe over at iTunes to get all of my podcast trainings, or go directly to my page to download your Study Guide.

The focus of this podcast training call was ‘New Rules for Online Marketing’ for online entrepreneurs, so I referenced my recent post on New Marketing Strategies for 2015. In this article I share my insights for building a lucrative and successful online business in the coming year and beyond using a three-pronged approach of having a book, a blog, and a podcast to increase your credibility, visibility, and your bottom line. It’s so important to know what’s working right now when it comes to effectively building your online business. I waited a little longer to do this year’s annual call, primarily because I wanted to wait until the release of my eleventh book, Write.Publish.Prosper. – How to Write Prolifically, Publish Globally, and Prosper Eternally.

During this call I discuss my thoughts and experiences with hosting of your sites, choosing people to help you with technology, managing your domains, autoresponder services, and payment processors.

Then we move on to your online marketing funnel, which begins with your free giveaway to persuade your prospects to join your list. The idea is to get away from the ‘trading time for money’ model and moving towards the ‘earn money while you sleep’ model.

I also address the idea of promoting your blog posts, podcasts, and other relevant content, and using a plugin called Pretty Link to shorten and track your affiliate links.

If you are new to my podcasts, you will be interested to know that this training, as well as all of the calls in my podcast series is intended to teach you and other new online entrepreneurs how to take your business to the next level quickly and effectively, and as a way for me to share my exact Case Studies, secrets, and advice on creating a profitable and lucrative online business using the ‘multiple income streams’ approach. People on six continents have now discovered that starting an Internet business is the fastest way to achieve both time and financial freedom, as well as to great success in all areas of your life, and you need help to get there quickly. That’s why I started this online marketing tips podcast for my community.

You will see that each podcast session is first recorded live as a teleseminar, and then repurposed into a podcast to extend my reach to the world. Please join my list (opt in on the right) to be included on these calls, and be sure to introduce yourself and share your site for optimal exposure for years to come! Also, check out my Podcast Show Notes site to see how you can subscribe at no cost to both of my podcasts, and please leave me a review on one or both of them.

You may now pick up my popular training on winning affiliate contests and other online marketing tips for only seven dollars at Affiliate Contest Secrets. Use the discount code CONTEST to bring the price down to $7. This training has been completely updated for 2015 with the latest information, strategies, and Case Studies for you to use in your own business.

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Free FTP Clients: My Challenges with FileZilla

Free FTP ClientsFree FTP Clients

Several weeks ago I opened up FileZilla, the program I use to upload files from my computer to my hosting account, and it wouldn’t let me in. At first I was annoyed and tried to figure out what was wrong. Then I called my hosting company (Liquid Web) and they said it was an issue with FileZilla. The last update had changed the settings and it would not connect for me.

My solution was to simply use another computer I own, and sure enough, it let me in right away. I didn’t give this another thought until yesterday. That’s when I tried to log in to FileZilla once again, and realized that this other computer had automatically upgraded to the latest version. I was locked out of my hosting account and needed to upload the files for my Affiliate Contest Secrets product. I had spent a week rewriting it almost completely to reflect the changes for 2015, and now my clients would not be able to access the new information. What could I do?

I thought about my options. I could ask someone from my tech team to do it for me. I pay several people to do this for my business, yet I’ve always enjoyed the independence of having the ability to upload something on my own. I thought about a couple of my Platinum Mastermind members who are tech savvy, but decided not to bother them so early on a Sunday morning. Then I Googled for information and did find an excellent post from Jack Wallen, but it was over two years old and I wasn’t sure the information it included was up to date enough for what I needed. Instead, I went to the largest real time forum and help desk I know…Facebook!

I stated my problem clearly and concisely, and within minutes I was receiving responses from a variety of people. You can see a screen shot of the conversation in my image here, or go directly to the Facebook thread to read it all.

Within eighteen minutes I had received the help I needed, including detailed steps from Melissa Ingold and a thirty-one second video from Gene Pimental. I logged in, uploaded my product files, and left for church. My morning was a success!

The lessons learned here include:

  • Never, never, never give up!
  • Think about your options and prioritize them
  • Ask for help from trusted friends and colleagues
  • If you need additional help, ask again
  • Implement what you learn immediately
  • Acknowledge those who have offered help

It takes a village to maneuver through our daily lives; tap into your village and create the life and business that will serve you best. I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

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Online Marketing Strategy: Podcasting for Entrepreneurs

podcasting for entrepreneursPodcasting for Entrepreneurs

You may remember the Adventures of Superman from TV when you were a kid. It always started with the narrator saying:

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a Bird.
It’s a Plane. It’s Superman!”

That’s exactly what I think of each time I try to explain to someone what my podcast really is. It’s a blog post each time, then it turns into a podcast, and finally it’s a product. During a twenty minute call I can create all three, and this is what you can expect when you add this marketing strategy to your business. Producing your own podcast series is the truest form of repurposing your content in a way that will build your credibility, increase your visibility, and lead to profitability.

My most recent example of this is the podcast interview I did with author Shelley Hitz. Shelley and I scheduled a time to talk (she was in Colorado and I’m in California), I recorded the call (we ended up speaking for thirty-two minutes), I created a short blog post ( it’s 347 words), and now I have an information product I can use as a stand alone product, as a part of a bigger product or course, as a Bonus for an affiliate product, or transcribe the call to add to one of my books. Can you see the possibilities with this marketing strategy?

Podcasting gives you credibility in your niche and creates massive visibility for you. My second podcast is one I do alone, so this gives me an opportunity to answer questions from my community and to show my expertise on my topic of online marketing. I have been know to bundle ten or twelve of these podcast calls and sell them as a product or give them away as a bonus. You can be creative with this and try different strategies and techniques over time to see what works best for you.

My friend and colleague Rachel Rofe has a podcast series, and I have two of them, and they’re responsible for increasing both of our online businesses dramatically during 2014. She has released her new course on how you can get started with this popular strategy immediately and she calls it Podcast Prodigy and it’s an excellent training I am highly recommending for you to get started with right away.

My Bonus is a detailed, step by step 18 page report on exactly how to get your podcast recorded, produced, and available on iTunes within a day or even less. I believe this Bonus, along with Rachel’s most excellent training (short videos and the PDF transcripts of each of them) will be your key to credibility and success in 2015.

The information I’ve included in my Bonus is something I have never shared before, even with my own high
level mentoring students. It contains screen shots and graphics of exactly how to set up your own podcast, and
this eliminates the need to spend money on having someone else do this for you. The Bonus is available to you immediately in the product download area.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with podcasting to know what other information you need from me.

Grab This Training At The Introductory Price Of Only $37

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Podcast: Shelley Hitz – Author, Self-Publisher, and More

Shelley HitzShelley Hitz is an award winning author, self-publisher, online marketer, and most important of all, an extremely nice person. Publishing more than thirty books in various formats since 2008, Shelley also helps other authors succeed in writing and publishing their own writing. She has also been involved in a ministry with her husband since 1998.

When I first met Shelley in person it was last year at an event I speak at twice a year. I was drawn to her welcoming smile and her knowledge of writing and publishing. I knew I had to reach out to her to learn more about what she was doing and how we could build a relationship based on our commonalities, so having her as a guest for my podcast series was definitely in the cards. Just recently I hosted a small group Mastermind in Colorado, and Shelley was a valuable participant as we discussed our businesses and how we could support one another in the coming year.

Shelley has been online longer than I have, starting her business in 2004. With hard work and dedication she continues to serve others by sharing her experience and knowledge. Along with writing, another of Shelley’s talents is that of speaking, and to this end she has just begun her own podcast series. It is entitled The Author Audience Show. You can find it on iTunes and subscribe at no cost.

During this interview Shelley and I had a discussion of how she got started writing, her two year adventure in Belize with her husband, and what she encourages others to do if they would also like to write and publish their own books. I’m sure you will benefit greatly from hearing what she had to share in these areas of her life.

Be sure to check out one of my favorite books from Shelley Hitz; 9 Strategies to Build & Grow your Author Platform. She also has a collection of 100 Inspirational Graphics that you can use for social media and in other places online.

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Online Marketing Strategy: Sell eBooks Online

Sell eBooks OnlineSell eBooks Online

Have you ever thought about how you could sell eBooks online as a lucrative business strategy? An eBook is simply a book in electronic format. You may be more familiar with books on Kindle being electronic, but that is actually a different method for delivering information written as a book to your computer, smart phone, or tablet. eBooks are written using any word processing program, such as Microsoft’s Word, and then converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) using Word, Adobe Acrobat, or any of a host of similar programs.

Your eBook can be attached to an email message, uploaded to a website, or delivered in any number of ways to the intended recipients. The goal is convenience, and this is actually the oldest method for sharing large amounts of data digitally.

When I first came online in 2006 people were teaching this model of writing an eBook on a niche topic and then selling it via their own one page website. Now you do not see that being discussed much any longer. But the fact is that eBook sales are alive and well, and you will earn significantly more income if you sell your content yourself rather than going through Amazon.

The prices of Kindle books have plummeted in recent years due to an oversupply and a stagnant demand. My own books on Kindle sell for only $2.99, and I give away thousands of copies just to be able to sell a hundred or so more of every title I have each month. That same book prepared and delivered as an eBook would sell for anywhere between ten and twenty-five dollars, and there are no fees involved.
So why don’t more people sell their non-fiction books on their own blogs and websites rather than turning them over to Amazon to sell them for the Kindle? I believe it is because of the convenience Amazon offers in the way of marketing, delivery, and customer service. You must decide if it is worth the money you are spending for their services to take such a huge reduction in profits for your business. It works for me because I also have eleven books available for sale in paperback that Amazon handles and fulfills for me.

I recommend selling most of your information on sites you own and control in order to earn much more money. Learn how to get more traffic and visibility to your sites, build a list, and hire someone to help with the customer service part of this business.

You can get started with this business model today, no matter what your level of expertise or your topic. This is exactly what I am recommending:

  • Choose a niche topic where you can solve a single problem
  • Research your topic and make an outline before you begin to write
  • Write the eBook yourself, or hire a ghostwriter to help you do it
  • Set up a simple website to start making sales and build a list

Of course, I am simplifying the process here. But the truth is that you can still do very well by selling eBooks on niche topics that are of interest to large numbers of readers. The most lucrative topics include educational, how-to, DIY (do it yourself), hobbies, relationships, games, and embarrassing health problems such as hair loss or acne.

If you want to take this business model to the next level, teach a course based upon the subject matter of your eBook. Take people through a step by step process where they can solve, or at least improve the problem they are dealing with in their life. This is the strategy of how to sell eBooks online.

The very best training on how to write, publish, and sell your eBooks online in as little as seven days is from my friend and colleague Jim Edwards. Best of all, the complete program is only $29! My direct link is and be sure to let us know how you are doing by returning here to leave a comment. I will then answer you personally and give your eBook a shout out

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