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Podcast: Tamara Monosoff – Entrepreneur and Author

Tamara MonosoffTamara Monosoff is someone you’ll want to know. She and I recently met at a live event in southern California and I knew that I had to interview her for my podcast series so that you could get to know more about her and how she is helping online entrepreneurs and authors.

She has worked in Washington D.C. in the Clinton Administration where she served as Chief of Staff for the Office of Vocational and Adult Education at the U.S. Department of Education, Education Director for the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships, and Senior Communications Associate for the President’s Initiative on Race at the White House. Tamara has also authored six bestselling books, including Your Million Dollar Dream: Regain Control & Be Your Own Boss and The Mom Inventors Handbook: How to Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big ThingSecrets of Millionaire Moms: Learn How They Turned Great Ideas into Booming Businesses – and How You Can Too!

When I asked her how she has been able to achieve so many goals she jokingly attributes some of it to getting no sleep. Her volunteering brought her closer to the people, dreams, and goals that she aspired to and brought her even more opportunities over time, eventually taking her to the White House.

We discussed her journey to entrepreneurship after she left Washington, D.C. and had her first daughter. It came about as she investigated solutions to problems experienced by mothers everywhere. Women all over the country contacted her to find out how she could help them to get their own ideas into the mainstream by bringing their products to market. This led to her working closely with authors who were not seeing the results they wanted with their books.

Over the past ten years she has tested everything she has learned about creating information products, authorship, and income generation in ways that others have not yet explored or discovered. This includes creating a powerful author platform to get your name and ideas out to the world, and Tamara has used these strategies to get to #1 on Amazon and to get the attention of the media. She also teaches authors how to make money beyond your books for years to come. These are innovative techniques and methods you will want to learn right away. Wait until you hear what she’s doing with QR Codes!

Towards the end of this interview she shares the exact verbiage to use with the media to get them more interested in having you as a guest for whatever they are currently working on – it’s simplistic and powerful.

Download Tamara Monosoff’s Author to Income Checklist to get started right away on the journey to successful entrepreneurship.

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Your Best Year Ever – 2016

Best Year Ever 2016Your Best Year Ever – 2016 – Is Coming Up Soon

Today I’d like to share how you can make 2016 your “Best Year Ever” and to discuss the goal setting and achieving techniques and strategies that have enabled me to change my life dramatically over these past ten years. Much of this is based on Michael Hyatt’s excellent training, of which I have been a part for some time now. I consider this information to be crucial to success and am thrilled to be able to share at least some of it with you today.

Chances are, you’re already thinking about 2016. Most people do around this time of year. It’s an excellent time to hit the “refresh” button and get a clean start by wiping the slate clean and moving on to the new year. But where do you start? Do you start by writing down a few goals? There are actually a few steps to take before that.

It does sound enticing; simply turn the page on your calendar and you have arrived at your new destination. But there’s much more involved than that and I want to help you make the mental shift you need to reach the level of success you want and deserve. Now you can finally get clear on how setting goals can truly transform your life, even if you’ve tried in the past and failed.

Did you know that twenty-five percent of the people who make resolutions at the new year abandon them within one week, and that sixty percent give up within six months? And that most of us make the exact same resolutions year after year, such as getting out of debt, losing weight, starting a new business, spending more time with our families, or taking a special vacation trip? Here are some questions to ask yourself so that you can get off of the resolution hamster wheel and on to a more “designed” life.

  • How do you wish to be remembered when you are gone? This is your legacy, yet you may not have given it much thought, written it down, or shared it out loud with anyone else in your life.
  • What’s most important to you? As you go through each day, what tasks and activities are ones you hold sacred?
  • What single brave decision do you need to make today?

First, let’s discuss priorities. The truth is that none of us can do everything and have it all. We are forced into choices every day. Choose wisely and your life and business will be more fulfilled and satisfying. I’ll use myself as an example here. My top priorities include having the time and financial freedom to live the way I please. I enjoy volunteering, traveling, and working with entrepreneurs around the world, and choosing my priorities wisely has enabled me to do everything I want to do and achieve my goals with grace and ease.

Now let’s look more closely at the three question, starting with how you wish to be remembered. My legacy includes my body of work, which is my writing and speaking. For many years after I have departed the physical world, people will be able to access this work to help them move closer to their own goals and dreams. What will your legacy include?

When you think about what is most important to you, remember that we choose every single activity we engage in each and every day. It is of the utmost importance to me to spend both quality and quantity time with the people whom I hold closest to my heart. Next comes my writing, which makes me feel alive, and my speaking and working with entrepreneurs who need guidance as they build and grow their businesses.

As far as a brave decision that we must make today, think of something that is a challenge for you and just make it happen so that this will indeed be your best year ever. I do that regularly with my writing, my speaking, and my work with entrepreneurs.

As you can see, this is all about setting goals that will move you from where you are today to closer to where you would like to be in the near future. Ask yourself the three questions I have shared with you here, write down the details, and then start taking immediate action to make things happen in the way that will best serve you. The new year of 2016 can be all that you want and expect it to be, but only with the right attitude and thought processes to help make sure everything falls into place.

Watch Michael Hyatt’s “Best Year Ever” video and let me know what you think.

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