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How to Create Online Courses from Your Writing

How to Create Online CoursesLearning How to Create Online Courses

Everything you write can be repurposed into another format, allowing you to create many types of content for your audience. Today let’s discuss how to create online courses based on your writing. I’ve actually done this successfully several times myself and want to share how this will be effective to build your business. It all comes down to choosing the topic you will teach to others, creating an outline to work from, and then preparing the material you will use during your online course.

Most likely you write about many topics under the umbrella of your overall topic. For instance, my overall topic is internet or online marketing, but within that I write about blogging, publishing, affiliate marketing, list building, information products, social media, traffic generation, video marketing, traffic generation, and so much more. When I set out to create an online course I am focusing on just one aspect of my business. This is based on what my clients have been asking me about most during the previous month or so, what is needed by my community, and how I wish to position myself in my business.

The next step is to create a tight outline of exactly what I want to include in my online course, as well as what information I will exclude. I have learned over the years that having a thorough and complete outline is crucial to this process turning out well. Dividing your online course into logical sections is a part of this, and making sure that you start at the beginning of your topic instead of somewhere in the middle is also very important.

Finally, it’s time to create your online course. I name my course, purchase a domain name, set up a site with a sales page and a membership site, and create a slide presentation. This may seem like a lot of work the first couple of times you go through it, but finally it will all fall into place like clockwork, I promise. Learn the rhythm of creating presentations that appeal to your audience and everything else will come together seamlessly.

As you can see, learning how to create an online course can be easier and more simple than you might have previously thought possible. Take the time to choose a topic that you know enough about to teach to others and that will position you as an authority on that topic. And make sure your audience is interested in learning all about the topic before you choose it. Start creating your outline right away, making sure to write down every single thought and idea that could be included. You will find that the outlining of your course allows you to think back to ideas, concepts, and strategies you may be taking for granted right now. Then, create your online course by adding content to your membership site, as well as by teaching webinars live. Don’t forget to add additional content and materials, such as study guides, templates, workbooks, checklists, and short videos.

Now you know how to create an online course to build your business. What other questions do you have for me on this topic?

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And be sure to check out my Really Simple Online Courses training course.

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Podcast: New Rules for Online Marketing 2017

New Rules for Online MarketingEach year at this time I write about the “new rules” for small business owners and entrepreneurs in the new year. This year I thought I would share my thoughts and observations here with you, and the link to the audio version of this discussion is at the end of this article.

We have now welcomed the new year of 2017 and it’s time to take focused action in your life and business to ensure this is a year filled with success and prosperity. But first, think back to 2016. How would you sum it up, personally and professionally? Are you accepting full responsibility for both the positive and the negative events that occurred?

Let’s begin by tying up any lose ends from 2016. First, complete any projects that you intended on finishing, unless you have abandoned the idea or concept completely. Next, take the time to thank and acknowledge those who helped and supported you last year. Finally, write down your goals and plans for 2017 to give yourself a roadmap to guide you in the right direction every single day. Commit to reviewing these goals at least on a monthly basis.

Each new year brings with it new opportunities, as well as new challenges. As I enter my eleventh year as an entrepreneur I am more committed than ever to helping you succeed. Make sure you have positioned yourself for success by following the “new rules” for life and business. These are my suggestions for 2017.

1) Become a bookworm and read every day. Give yourself the gift of a business education through reading books that will make a difference in how you think about and approach business for the remainder of your life. Also, read books for pleasure and for spiritual enlightenment.

2) Set and achieve your goals and dreams. Decide exactly what you want from your life and business. Write down your ideas and goals for at least the first quarter of 2017 this week. Review these and update them regularly.

3) Focus on time management and productivity. Be selfish and greedy when it comes to spending your mental and physical energy with people and activities that do not serve you well and do not lead you to your goals. Every moment is precious!

4) Write every single day. Once I got myself into the habit of daily writing, my world expanded and my life changed forever as a result. Writing allows you to find your voice, shape your ideas, and share your message with the world.

5) Seek out opportunities to speak and present to others, both virtually and in person. Public speaking opens doors you previously could not have imagined were even a possibility for you. People need to hear and learn things from you.

6) Be willing to “up your game” for 2017. Do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. We live in a global economy, filled with people who have a strong desire to share their perspective with the world. How can you approach a situation in a way that embraces this world view?

7) Embrace a ridiculous work ethic. Get up earlier, give up activities that simply pass the time, and reach for a level of accomplishment that scares you. Once you work hard and achieve success you will never be able to go back to the status quo.

8) Begin each day with the end in mind. What will you have accomplished fourteen to sixteen hours from the time you awoke? How will you get there?

9) Join a Mastermind group filled with people who are smarter and more successful than yourself. Get involved in conversations that expand your thinking and encourage you to take inspired actions towards your future.

As you can see, these “new rules” are direct and to the point. Any entrepreneur or small business owner can commit to working on these areas of their life and business very easily. Will you be one of them? Be sure to visit the link below to listen to the audio version of this article and to download your own study guide for reference.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. Be sure to take a look at my books on entrepreneurship.

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Writing for Visibility as an Online Entrepreneur

Writing for VisibilityWhy Writing for Visibility is So Important

Everything changed for me during the summer of 2010. That was when my first book was published and I was not prepared for what was to come. Established marketers began asking me to speak at their live events, to collaborate on joint venture projects, and to share my knowledge and experiences with their audiences. It was as though overnight I had become a different person. It was wonderful and scary all at the same time, and I was determined to learn from what was unfolding. Writing for visibility had become an integral piece of my entrepreneurial pursuits.

Soon I realized that a certain level of celebrity came along with being a published author. All of a sudden people knew my name and wanted to be associated with me. I took this all in stride and catapulted my business to the next level during that year. I also began writing my second book right away, and within another year I had three titles under my belt as my writing for visibility strategy took off.

Writing every day is a habit you want to take on. It was so difficult for me at first, but once I established the habit of writing it became second nature. Also, everything I write gets repurposed into other writing and presentations. Even a relatively short article like you are reading here will become a part of something much bigger over time. Remember that you are writing for visibility as you blog, write articles and short reports, and complete your book.

Remember that I started out as an online entrepreneur back in 2006, when there was no social media to speak of and publishing belonged to the traditional publishers. You have a distinct advantage in being able to connect more easily with people on social media and to embrace self-publishing as a means to increasing your visibility more quickly.

Choose your topics wisely, as people will tend to associate you with the subject matter you write about. I am careful to only write about the topics I have experience in and want to be known for in my online business.

The idea is that people will find your blog by searching for certain keywords on Google. They will find your book(s) by searching with the same phrases on Amazon, and they will find your podcasts by searching over at iTunes. This all adds up to millions of potential prospects and clients at any given time. I’m including podcasts in this discussion because you will always want to include your show notes so that listeners know what to expect from your call. I am not including YouTube because that is almost exclusively a visual medium.

Write every day. Write about yourself to find your voice. Write in a more determined way to build credibility. And be meaningful and purposeful as you are writing for visibility. You’ll be so glad you did this as you look back over your body of work a year from now.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And be sure to check out my popular training course, Really Simple Content Marketing.

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Authors and Information Marketers: Sell eBooks Online

Sell eBooksHow to Sell eBooks Online

An eBook is an electronic version of a book in print. Long before Amazon created the Kindle readers, people decided to sell eBooks on the internet. This was so that readers could have a copy in their hands within seconds instead of having to wait until the paperback or hard cover version was available at their local bookstore or arrived through the mail.

The idea and implementation of books consisting of electrons being sent through cyberspace from one person to another was appealing from the very beginning. If you chose to print out your eBook that was always an option. If reading the book on your computer screen was more comfortable, that was an option as well. And finally we had smart phones and tablets, so if reading on a smaller device was of interest to you it was also there.

I can remember almost a decade ago now meeting a friend for lunch. Under his arm he had a file folder which contained the printed out copy of an eBook he had purchased online. The topic was “restless leg syndrome” and he had purchased it for a friend who was struggling with this condition. He had paid twenty-seven dollars for it and felt like it would be worth every penny in alleviating some of the agony of his friend’s situation. This was excellent research for me in terms of what the purchaser of an eBook might be thinking when they consider the product being offered on the Internet.

But what about the marketing possibilities for eBooks versus printed ones or even those on Kindle? Could you sell more copies of your book and ultimately earn more income using this mode of delivery? In many cases, yes.

Many of us continue to sell eBooks on various topics. We set them up on a “stand alone” website with its own domain name. The download is available immediately after someone purchases and is protected in a membership site to deter buyers from sharing the content openly.

Remember that you cannot use this model if you are simultaneously going to sell your eBook on Amazon through their Kindle Select program. There are strict rules about this. What I am recommending is that you sell your eBook yourself first and see how well it does. You can typically sell it for twenty dollars or more, whereas on Amazon the pricing will be less than ten dollars for best results. Niche topics may even do better on your own site than they would on Amazon, regardless of the price.

Becoming an author is a worthwhile goal. Selling many copies of your work over the years can be challenging, but if you sell your eBook online on your own site you may be pleasantly surprised at your results. Learn more about marketing eBooks and see where this can take you.

My friend and colleague Jim Edwards has the most complete and professional training on how to write, market, and sell eBooks on any topic. This training will teach you everything you need to know from start to finish and is priced so that everyone is able take advantage of Jim’s knowledge and expertise. Take a look and decide for yourself.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And please be sure to check out my popular training on affiliate marketing.

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