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Repurposed Information Products

Repurposed Information ProductsAre You Leveraging Repurposed Information Products in Your Online Business?

Whether you are new to information product creation or a seasoned product creator, at some point you realize that almost every topic has been covered before. What your information product will serve to do is present and teach a unique perspective that is based on your experience and expertise on the topic. This is where repurposed information products come into play, as most of us have already created content in one format or another that can be successfully repurposed into a valuable and helpful information product.

For example, I recently released a new online training course on how to become a local celebrity. This is a concept I developed after becoming an “accidental celebrity” when first starting my online business over a decade ago. At my last live marketing event I once again discussed this topic and decided to see what I had already written to repurpose this content into a new product.

It turned out that I had first blogged about how to become a local celebrity in 2011. Then I wrote about this topic in four of my bestselling books over the years, as well as sharing more information on how to do this at each of my live events since that time. The result was massive amounts of content and information that I could easily repurpose into an online course. It was then I decided to use the concept of “repurposed information products” to get this training out to my global audience.

Now lest you think that if you have already talked about a topic and written about it that it isn’t right to repurpose this content into a paid information product, remember that everything any of us want or need to know is already available  on the internet. But rather than researching, downloading, sorting through, and then printing out even some of this information, we all prefer to pay someone to sift through it all and present us with an organized product that we will benefit from more readily.

When I create a three or four part course it is my goal to present the information that will be most beneficial to my audience in a clear and concise way. Additionally, I may omit older or outdated information and details while also adding newer information and resources. When someone purchases an information product from me they can be assured they are receiving cutting edge information that will help them to achieve their goals.

So instead of being shy or intimidated by the idea of creating an information product on a topic that has already been covered many times before, seize the opportunity to share your unique perspective in a way that will be beneficial to more people than ever before and position you as an expert in your field with repurposed information products.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I work with new online entrepreneurs to help them get into profit as quickly as possible. Download your Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started right away.

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Finding Affiliates for Your Products

Finding Afffiliates for Your ProductsI started out as an affiliate marketer and the most effective recommendations I shared were those for the products, courses, and services I had purchased, was already using and benefiting from in my business, and was anxious to tell other new entrepreneurs about for their businesses. So if you are looking for affiliates to promote and recommend your products, begin by contacting those whom have already purchased from you and who have become raving fans.

If you step back and think about this objectively you will find this to be an excellent strategy. Yet so many people are willing to promote products they have never purchased or used, simply to earn the income as an affiliate. This will not bring long-term success in most cases, unless you are purchasing traffic in various niches. For the majority of us this is a relationship business that is based on people doing business with other people they know, like, and trust.

When I was just getting started I had no affiliate program whatsoever. Instead, I attempted to sell my products on my own. This was somewhat effective, but definitely not scalable over time. Eventually I set up an affiliate program, but only opened it to those who had purchased something from me. My thinking here was that the people who had gone through my products and courses would make better affiliates because they had experienced what it was like to learn from me and would share that enthusiasm with others. Finally I opened up my affiliate program to everyone. I was curious as to what would happen once I did this. It turned out that those who did not know me at all were ineffective at selling my products and courses as an affiliate.

These days my affiliate program is still open to anyone who applies, but I do reach out to those who already know me and encourage them to actively promote and recommend my products and courses to others. Taking this extra step ensures that I am top of mind when a marketer is thinking about recommending something to their audience. And I always offer to create a discount coupon for them if they think this will be helpful.

If you are new to affiliate marketing these are the strategies I would suggest. Write a blog post about what you are doing online. Mention one or two products, courses, or services you have benefitted from in your business. Include your affiliate link and ask readers to click on the link to get further information. When others know that you are using a product or service and getting the results promised by the product creator or vendor they are much more likely to give it a try themselves.

Over time you will connect with more people who can be helpful to you when it comes to having affiliates promote for you. Just two or three well connected affiliates can increase your income substantially over time. And remember that the best affiliates are those who are familiar with you and your products.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2006. If you are ready to get started on your journey to multiple streams of online income, visit my site at Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and download your complimentary training to get started today. If you would like to become an affiliate for my products and courses please visit the Connie Ragen Green Affiliate Center to get started.

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Your Book As An Info Product

My first book was published in 2010 and I have since written more than a dozen books of the topic of entrepreneurship and online marketing. At first I saw this as a way to become more credible and visible as an author. Then it became a way for me to become a public speaker. But soon it made perfect sense that each of my books was actually a new information topic on one aspect of my overall topic of online entrepreneurship. Are you thinking of creating a book as an info product?

Thinking of the books you have written or will write as serving this purpose in your business will serve you well over time. Let’s take a closer look at this strategy and how you can make it work for you, no matter what your experience or which niche you have chosen to work in as an online entrepreneur.

When I think about a topic for a new book I am really thinking about how I can serve my target audience by providing information that will help them to achieve their goals. For example, my first book was on the topic of how to make huge profits with a tiny list. This was actually an answer to the question of that time when people thought you have to have at least ten thousand names on your list before you could earn a worthwhile income on the internet. In my book I shared my personal experience of how I was able to reach six figures with fewer than a thousand names on my email list. Then I went on to explain how the reader could do the exact same thing using my steps and methods.

Along with writing the book on this topic I had created a popular blog, a free giveaway, a short report, a live presentation, and finally an online course on how to make huge profits with a tiny list. By following through with everything necessary to take the reader from beginning to end in a step by step manner, this book became a part of my information product funnel using my “book as an info product” business model. And because I continue to discuss this topic on a regular basis, this lucrative and proven “book as an info product” business model continues to earn me income and to brand me as a successful online entrepreneur who is willing to share exactly what is working today.

I have since used the strategy I am sharing here to create a book as an info product in the areas of using a book, your blog, and your podcast as an effective strategy, time management and productivity for entrepreneurs, developing the concept of being a “weekend marketer” until you go full time, and several others.

I highly recommend that you write a book as an info product based on your area of knowledge, interest, and expertise. Teaching others how to be successful is a noble endeavor that is worth your time and effort. Look at the topics you have been blogging about to see what you can put together as a free giveaway and as a short report. This will be the beginning of creating a book as an info product that can be an important piece in your funnel. And be sure to take a look at all of my books to see what I have been able to achieve that you may wish to emulate.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2006. If you are ready to get started on your journey to multiple streams of online income, visit my site at Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and download your complimentary training to get started today.

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