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Productivity Challenge 2017

Productivity Challenge 2017The Productivity Challenge 2017 Has Begun!

Welcome to your Productivity Challenge 2017! For the seventh year in a row I am offering this training at no cost in order to serve you as an online entrepreneur. Are you ready?

Before we officially begin I want to make sure you have access to my two previous productivity challenges to give you some idea of what to expect. You may access my 2016 Productivity Challenge, as well as the Productivity Challenge for 2015 here.

Day 1: Think about what you want to achieve by becoming more productive. Are you building a business as an online entrepreneur? Are you writing a book? Write down your goals so that you will have more clarity and focus during the next thirty days. I will share my goals for this Productivity Challenge 2017 – the first one is to finish writing my next book, Rethinking the Work Ethic: Embrace the Struggle to Exceed Your Own Potential. As of today I have my notes and outline and have written six thousand words. The second goal is to create and deliver the most helpful and complete thirty day productivity challenge I have ever done since starting this back in 2011.

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Podcast: New Rules for Online Marketing 2017

New Rules for Online MarketingEach year at this time I write about the “new rules” for small business owners and entrepreneurs in the new year. This year I thought I would share my thoughts and observations here with you, and the link to the audio version of this discussion is at the end of this article.

We have now welcomed the new year of 2017 and it’s time to take focused action in your life and business to ensure this is a year filled with success and prosperity. But first, think back to 2016. How would you sum it up, personally and professionally? Are you accepting full responsibility for both the positive and the negative events that occurred?

Let’s begin by tying up any lose ends from 2016. First, complete any projects that you intended on finishing, unless you have abandoned the idea or concept completely. Next, take the time to thank and acknowledge those who helped and supported you last year. Finally, write down your goals and plans for 2017 to give yourself a roadmap to guide you in the right direction every single day. Commit to reviewing these goals at least on a monthly basis.

Each new year brings with it new opportunities, as well as new challenges. As I enter my eleventh year as an entrepreneur I am more committed than ever to helping you succeed. Make sure you have positioned yourself for success by following the “new rules” for life and business. These are my suggestions for 2017.

1) Become a bookworm and read every day. Give yourself the gift of a business education through reading books that will make a difference in how you think about and approach business for the remainder of your life. Also, read books for pleasure and for spiritual enlightenment.

2) Set and achieve your goals and dreams. Decide exactly what you want from your life and business. Write down your ideas and goals for at least the first quarter of 2017 this week. Review these and update them regularly.

3) Focus on time management and productivity. Be selfish and greedy when it comes to spending your mental and physical energy with people and activities that do not serve you well and do not lead you to your goals. Every moment is precious!

4) Write every single day. Once I got myself into the habit of daily writing, my world expanded and my life changed forever as a result. Writing allows you to find your voice, shape your ideas, and share your message with the world.

5) Seek out opportunities to speak and present to others, both virtually and in person. Public speaking opens doors you previously could not have imagined were even a possibility for you. People need to hear and learn things from you.

6) Be willing to “up your game” for 2017. Do whatever it takes to accomplish your goals. We live in a global economy, filled with people who have a strong desire to share their perspective with the world. How can you approach a situation in a way that embraces this world view?

7) Embrace a ridiculous work ethic. Get up earlier, give up activities that simply pass the time, and reach for a level of accomplishment that scares you. Once you work hard and achieve success you will never be able to go back to the status quo.

8) Begin each day with the end in mind. What will you have accomplished fourteen to sixteen hours from the time you awoke? How will you get there?

9) Join a Mastermind group filled with people who are smarter and more successful than yourself. Get involved in conversations that expand your thinking and encourage you to take inspired actions towards your future.

As you can see, these “new rules” are direct and to the point. Any entrepreneur or small business owner can commit to working on these areas of their life and business very easily. Will you be one of them? Be sure to visit the link below to listen to the audio version of this article and to download your own study guide for reference.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. Be sure to take a look at my books on entrepreneurship.

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Connie Ragen Green – My Theme for 2017

Theme 2017Do you have a theme for yourself and your business for 2017? The first person I knew who chose a word for each year was Mari Smith. We met in 2009 while we were both speaking at a marketing event and I was taken by her choice of the word Influence for that year. Here are her word themes over the years:

2008 – Focus
2009 – Influence
2010 – Team!
2011 – Commitment
2012 – Growth
2013 – Abundance
2014 – Selective
2015 – Partnership
2016 – Order
2017 – TBA on January 1st, 2017

Mari says

When selecting your one-word theme, it’s important to not beat yourself up if you didn’t adhere to the word verbatim throughout the year. Adopt the approach of “correct and continue.” Do your best to use the word as a mantra, an internal guide. Then let go of any attachment to how the outside world is supposed to show up for you.”

And in another post Mari adds…

Every January 1st, I love to pick just one word as an overarching theme for my professional and personal life that governs a lot of my goals and decisions throughout the year. I’ve done this practice for the past nine years and it’s always amazing how the word serves me so well throughout the entire year.

The word can be used as a daily mantra, or a simple touchstone to remind you to stay on track. Even if you pick a word, then “set and forget,” you may be amazed by the end of the year just how much your word was a thread throughout so many of your experiences and accomplishments!”

Never one to be satisfied with what is already out there, I decided to choose several words or a phrase each year as my theme. I started midyear in 2009 with a theme of “Connect, Communicate, & Create” and loved the alliteration so much it has continued.

For 2016 it was “Rethink, Reinvent, Renew, & Relevance” and for 2017 I have chosen “Exposure, Expansion,  Expectation, & Engagement”. I will explain both of these years so that you may further understand my thinking and intentions behind these themes.

At the end of 2015 I realized that I needed a makeover for my online business. Many of my courses and products were outdated and I was reading my own books for guidance on how to move forward. In one of my books I had discussed the importance of looking at yourself as objectively as possible and being willing to make changes. So in December of that year I worked harder than I had since coming online to outline my courses for 2016. The result was a flagship training program called the Internet Marketing Six Pack, as well as ten online courses in my “Really Simple” series. This was a great success and worth the time and effort that went into implementing all of my plans. It also upped my work ethic, and that will be the topic of my upcoming book.

Now it’s time for me to share my body of work with even more people from more diverse business backgrounds. I hope you will follow me throughout 2017 to observe and emulate what I’ll be doing to expose my work to the world, expand my business into all corners of the earth, expect more from myself and from those I work closely with, and engage with you and the rest of my community in a way that will enrich all of our lives.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future.

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