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Connecting People for Mutual Benefit

Connecting PeopleThe Art of Connecting People

When I attended my first marketing conference in the spring of 2008 there were more than two thousand people in attendance. I knew fewer than a dozen of them and had not met any of them in person previously. To say that I was intimidated would be an understatement. All of my fears rushed towards me when I thought o starting and growing an online business. But I managed to push those thoughts away and started speaking with the people around me.

It was on that first day that I discovered something about myself that I had never realized before; I had a gift for introducing people to others who would be beneficial connections for them in the near future. This happened quite my accident at first and soon I was enjoying the process of connecting people with others.

Allow me to explain this in a little more detail. It begins when I am speaking with someone in person. They say something that sticks in my brain as I continue to listen to them speak. Then I speak with someone else and somewhere deep in my mind I can feel a connection coming together. Then I introduce the two of them, excuse myself after a couple of minutes and leave them to figure out what that connection might me. Sometimes I hear from one or both of them about what they came up with. Many times I hear it from someone else days or weeks later. And in some cases I am still waiting to hear what happened after connecting people I believed were meant to know each other.

Without breaking confidentiality I will tell you that I have connected people within the online marketing space whom have gone on to create great things that benefit many people. I take no credit for this, as I am just acting on a gift from God that is part of who I am. But I do get pleasure from hearing about what has become of a relationship that I helped to initiate.

These days I am always focused on learning as much as I can about the people I meet from all walks of life to understand who they would most benefit from being connected with. If someone is resistant to this type of connection I step away because something in their life experience caused them to lack trust in others. But for those who are open to playing the game of life full out I enjoy the process immensely.

Have you ever connected two people who went on to have a positive and mutually beneficial relationship? What was that like for you? I truly believe there are no coincidences in our lives and that we are meant to connect with other people to further our work in the world. I would encourage you to think more about this concept and see what conclusions you come to about the power of connections and connecting people together.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future.

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Connecting With Influencers to Grow Your Business

Connecting with InfluencersAre You Connecting With Influencers For Your Business?

I’m not sure when I was first introduced to the concept of “influencers” but it was quite intriguing to me at the time. The concept included the ideas that certain people, whether they are in your local community, somewhere else in the world you spend time in frequently, or in your online community have the connections and the ability to help others in achieving their business or personal goals.

These goals range in diversity from being introduced to someone you’d like to meet with for coffee, someone you would like to have an a client, or even someone you would like to interview for your podcast. When I was first online I dreamed of meeting these influencers and even of becoming one myself in the future.

The first step with this strategy is to make a list of the people you would most like to connect with, and the reason why this would be of value to them and to you. I was somewhat reluctant to even start such a list at first, but after having a mentor who required us to make a list of people we wanted to collaborate or joint venture with I understood the value of this type of thought process and list.

Never one to pass up an opportunity, I began by adding the biggest names to my list, along with the reason why I wanted to connect with them. It didn’t matter if these people seemed far out of my circle of influence, or if the reason I wanted to connect with them was more out of curiosity than solid business, I still added their names. I was on a quest to begin connecting with influencers to build my business!

Within a few weeks I found myself at my first Rotary Club meeting in my community, and wouldn’t you know it that three of the names on my list were there in the flesh! One was the new Mayor, another was a man who had been named to the “Forty Under 40” group that summer, and the third was a woman who wrote a type of “society page” column for the local newspaper. I was dumbstruck at first but soon found my voice and introduced myself to each of them. In that moment I realized that connecting with people, whether I thought of them as influencers or not, was something I would benefit from implementing on a regular basis. Something inside of me shifted and I went from the feeling of “me” and “them” to “us” when it came to connecting with others for mutual benefit.

My recommendation to you is that you start your list right away. And remember to include the reason why you would like to connect with each person so that you may more easily prioritize your actions later on. Then go about the process of reaching out to each person in a personal and professional way. This has become much easier to do because of social media, but don’t be surprised if you still run into gatekeepers for certain people you want to connect with further. Be polite, professional, and persistent and see where that takes you. As you begin to connect, ask people for an introduction to someone else on your list. Your reputation will grow and your life will change as a result of connecting with influencers.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, an author, international speaker, and online marketing strategist for entrepreneurship. Connect with me at ConnieRagenGreen.com and let’s discover how we can work together.

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Connecting With Prospects to Grow Your Business

Connecting with ProspectsConnecting With Prospects

Do you know that your prospects are waiting for you to connect with them? That’s right, the people you want to serve by sharing your knowledge, experience, and expertise on your chosen topic are just as anxious to connect with you as you are with them.

How can you do this quickly and easily? By leveraging the power of the internet with your writing, speaking, and presentations. Everything you write or say turns into an electronic salesperson seeking out your ideal prospects. Allow me to explain in further detail.

Your blog is your home on the internet, and as such provides you with the perfect platform for sharing what you know about your topic. Post to your blog at least twice a week for best results, and then share your post with your list, your social media connections, and with anyone who finds you online through the specific words (sometimes referred to as your keywords) you are using in your posts.

I’m finding that my prospects tend to be on LinkedIn more than on Facebook or Twitter, so that’s where I spend the majority of my effort in connecting with prospects. And the same person who is on all three of these sites tends to be more focused on business while they are on LinkedIn, even though I’m not sure exactly why this is the case.

I have two primary blogs and continue to post to each of them on a regular basis because the results continue to be spectacular. Over the past decade I’ve written more than two thousand posts that serve me well as my business grows.

But don’t stop there. Remember that people prefer to learn in different ways and that not everyone likes to read. What I am saying is that many people prefer to listen to the information they are seeking. Hosting your own teleseminars is an excellent way to get started with this, and you may also want to go a step further and turn your calls into podcasts.

I have been doing this regularly since the end of 2007 and find that it continues to help me connect with prospects on a daily basis.

Also, the more you write and speak the more proficient you become at each of these skills. Practice is an important part of becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

The final method of connecting with prospects is to create short videos to post to your YouTube channel. Keep them under five minutes in length and be sure to say your name and website at the beginning and at the end of each video. My videos tend to be more about my lifestyle, but I also use them to give training on specific parts of my business.

Connecting with prospects on a regular basis will help you to grow your business exponentially over a short period of time. It will also hone your skills as an author, speaker, and presenter. Becoming more skilled as a professional will serve you well for years to come and help you to help others more completely.


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Connecting With Key Influencers to Grow Your Business

Key InfluencersKey Influencers – Connect With Them to Grow Your Business

Did you know that fewer than five percent of people in any community or organization account for more than ninety-five percent of all positive events, growth, and happenings in that community or organization? These people are known as the “key influencers” and can be valuable to you and/or your business or personal goals.

This morning I met with a group of women from my Zonta Club in Santa Clarita. This is an amazing group of dedicated business women working towards the common goal of advancing the status of women around the world and I am honored to be among them. They are also extremely active in this community. We had a new Zontian with us today and I spent over an hour discussing with her how she could get her new business off the ground.

Anne (not her real name to protect her identity) is a former classroom teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District, like I was. Even though she has lived in the Santa Clarita Valley for more than thirty years, the time constraints of her career kept her from volunteering or getting to know people very well over this period of time. When she resigned from teaching last year she decided to dedicate her life to empowering women through a variety of techniques she has used personally. I asked her how she was getting the word out about the Retreats and courses she wanted to offer and that’s when our discussion became a serious one.

Anne and I discussed how she could best use her time to network with the people who would not only understand what she wanted to do but would also be able to help her get in front of the exact people she wanted to serve. The goal is to position yourself as an expert, one day at a time. I told her that Zonta was the perfect place to start, but to also expand her reach throughout the community in a logical way. I then invited her to my Rotary Club meeting so that I could introduce her to the other members.

I work with people all over the world who have a message they wish to share with the world, and a huge part of this is connecting with the “key influencers” where you live. I recommend becoming a “local celebrity” so that you can begin at home and then move in concentric circles to the outer edges of the world. This strategy is quite effective and gives you both the credibility and the visibility to build a lucrative business and to make a name for yourself.

As we sat together on this crisp spring morning, Anne and I began to create a plan that would work well for her. Even though she has a standing commitment to a group related to her topic that meets every Wednesday evening through the end of the year, she agreed to consider missing it on the second Wednesday of each month in order to attend the monthly Zonta business meeting. This will keep her connected to these powerful women (AKA “key influencers”) with and from whom she can learn and grow. She also wants to do more public speaking and we brainstormed ideas on how to make this happen, first within the city and later to the world.

I also recommended that she consider joining Rotary, involving her husband by attending Friday night dinners at the Santa Clarita Elk’s Lodge, and looking for volunteer opportunities in our community. Attending one event every month, whether it’s social or for a non-profit puts you in front of people you might otherwise never have met. She now has a calendar that is quickly filling up with opportunities and she sees things quite differently than she did just twenty-four hours ago. Anything is possible when you have a solid plan and a mentor to guide you.

Networking and volunteering are both offline methods for connecting with your community and building a business. Online strategies include blogging, offering webinars and other online trainings, writing a book, and speaking at events around the world. Social media is also crucial to the mix, as it allows for you to connect with these key influencers much more frequently. Please let me know if you have further questions on anything I have discussed here.

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