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Self-Publishing Your Book to Increase Credibility

Self-Publishing Your BookSelf-Publishing Your Book

Once you’ve finished writing your manuscript, then you’ll need to figure out the different ways you plan to publish your book. You can publish your manuscript in multiple ways. You can publish digitally or you can put it in print, or do both. I like to release the paperback version of my book first, take it to bestseller status, and then release the Kindle version about six months later.  Plus, you can do all this via self-publishing or traditional publishing. Self-publishing your book is a lot faster, but if you already have a huge following that you know will buy your book in large quantities, and you want to publish traditionally, it won’t hurt to give it a try.

  • PDF / Digital – You can make a PDF book (also known as an eBook) easily using Adobe Pro, Pages (MAC), or MS Word. If the book will be downloaded from your own website and you’ll be handling distribution or using Clickbank.net or JVZOO.com or one of these systems, then you’re in charge of how your book looks and is formatted. The trick here is to make an attractive, readable, organized book with plenty of whitespace and images so that it’s a pleasure to read and it all makes sense. Jim Edwards continues to have the very best training on exactly how to write, publish, and market your eBook professionally and profitably here.
  • Kindle – This is also a fast and free way to get published. But, you do have to follow the terms of service and the rules of formatting to ensure that your book looks good. You can turn your edited manuscript over to someone else to format your Kindle book or you can follow the easy directions here. Pay special attention to how to format images if your book has any. And remember that if you sign up for the Kindle Select program you will not be able to offer your book for sale on any other websites, including your own, during that period of time.
  • Print – Using Amazon’s Create Space you can self-publish your manuscript. Like Kindle, you’ll need to follow very specific formatting rules to ensure that your book looks good. Or you can turn your finished manuscript over to an expert to help you format it and get it ready for publishing.

No matter how you publish, it’s very important to have a professional cover created for your book. Look at other books to find out the type of things they put inside the book, too. You want your book to look completely professional and for no one to be able to pick it out of the crowd as done by an amateur. You can accomplish that by yourself or you can hire help.


Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

Let’s talk a moment about self-publishing your book vs. traditional publishing. There are a lot of misconceptions about both. First, people assume that with traditional publishing you’ll get a ton of help with marketing your book. But, you won’t. This only happens if you’re super famous already. So, put it out of your mind that you won’t have to work as hard if you find a traditional publisher.

Secondly, the idea of growing a captive audience with your own published book doesn’t require that you find a traditional publisher. It will work with self-publishing and it will be many times faster and frankly, a sure thing. If you write a good book, self-publishing is going to be a great choice. If you don’t write a great book you wouldn’t be able to publish traditionally anyway.  So remember, a good book is more important than how you publish.

Thirdly, when you self-publish, if you market and promote your book properly after having built up an audience for your book, you’re going to earn more money in the long run. When you publish traditionally, you will usually make less per book. Often, the money is not even made in the sale of the book, but rather in the connections you make due to the book with your audience and others who then buy your other products and services based on how much they trust you.

Self-publishing your book will increase your credibility almost overnight. It may lead to speaking engagements, joint ventures, and other opportunities. What other questions do you have for me on this topic?

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And be sure to check out my writing and publishing training program at Write. Publish. Prosper.

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Visibility Tips and Increasing Your Credibility

Visibility TipsVisibility Tips and Increasing Your Credibility

The competition may seem fierce when you’re starting out in the world of business, so spending the time to increase and build your visibility and credibility is crucial to your success. Here are some methods, techniques, and strategies on how to do this in a way that will serve you as you work to achieve your goals as an online entrepreneur. The visibility tips will particularly serve you well.

  • Blog regularly, and by this I mean twice a week during your first year online. This allows your site to become what we refer to as an “authority site”, where people will be able to find it more easily and refer to what you share when they are searching for more information.
  • Use social media strategically – like I say regularly, you’ll want to “get in, get out, and get back to work!” when it comes to social media. I regularly see people involved in discussions on Facebook that would be some much better as blog posts and comments. Have a presence on the main social media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and YouTube) but commit to spending no more than fifteen minutes on any day in total on these sites.
  • Host a podcast – I’ve hosted two podcasts for almost five years now. The results have been nothing short of miraculous and I continue to connect with even more people who resonate with my message in this way.
  • Start a YouTube channel – my channel is one I refer to as a “lifestyle” channel in that I mainly post and share videos of my travels around the world and the lifestyle I am able to enjoy because of my online business.
  • Write a book on your topic – I know this may sound like a huge undertaking, but the truth is that becoming a writer will serve you well as an online entrepreneur. My first book came about in 2010 when I repurposed fifty blog posts and then added additional content. Now I write every single day and have published fourteen books on various aspects of entrepreneurship.
  • Think about your offline connections and reach out to them regularly – Please do not be shy when it comes to building relationships for your business. We are isolated much of the time because of the very nature of how we do business on the Internet, so connecting with others is valuable for so many reasons.

When people tell me they see me “everywhere” on the Internet a huge grin comes across my face. That is exactly the goal I have in mind, so a validation that what I am doing and teaching is working pleases me to no end. These credibility and visibility tips work.

Go through the bullet points I’ve included above and make a list of the ones you will commit to implementing now and which ones you will work on over time. I promise you that this is all much easier and simpler than it may seem, and once you get started you will be amazed at how quickly your results come about. The people who rise to success most quickly have mastered the art of gaining credibility and increasing visibility on a daily business and you can learn to do that as well.

Connie Ragen Green YouTube

My YouTube channel is a joy for me to maintain. I record short videos in locations all over the world, as well as in Santa Barbara. You can see what I’m doing (and please subscribe to my channel!) at https://www.youtube.com/c/connieragengreen and watch some of my videos to get ideas for your own channel. In the image above you can see that I had recently been spending time with my family in Finland.

What other visibility tips and credibility techniques are working well for you?

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