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Podcast: Daniel Hall is Launching a Podcast

Daniel HallDaniel Hall on Launching a Podcast

Daniel Hall is someone I’ve known and respected for almost a decade now. We became fast friends soon after I came online, and when he let me he was launching his own podcast series I jumped at the chance to help him make sure as many people as possible knew about it right away. He is one of the few people I’ve had as a guest on my show for a second time.

Daniel has quite the interesting background. He went to school to become a nurse, received his license, and then went on almost immediately to law school. After practicing law in Texas for about seven years he found out about speaking on cruise ships. He began to do that, making him quite popular among family members because he could take them on luxury cruises at no cost while he was speaking. He then wrote an eBook on this topic, which has earned over a quarter of a million dollars and continues to sell. This experience launched him into publishing and online training, and he then decided to give up his law practice in 2004 in favor of coming online full time.

After making a complete study of the podcasting revolution over the past couple of years, Daniel decided this was a medium worth entering. During our call he explains more about this and tells you where and how to find his new podcast. His goal was to create a podcast series people would want to listen to and learn from in order to achieve their own goals. He is focusing on the results listeners will receive from what he has to share. Daniel is breaking his podcast into “season” where he will explore a variety of topics through interviews with experts and by sharing his own experiences. It will be interactive, as you’ll listen to an episode and then report on your results by visiting a separate web page intended for this purpose.

You will enjoy this interview because Daniel Hall is someone you will want to know and connect with. We discuss the concepts shared in my recent book, entitled Book. Blog. Broadcast. The Trifecta of Entrepreneurial Success and Daniel gives his insights into this strategy.

Be sure to join Daniel’s Real Book Publishing course at absolutely no cost or obligation. It’s a $297 value and I twisted his arm so that I could gift it to you today. Please let me know how you enjoy and benefit from this excellent program.

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