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Writing an eBook: First Steps to Creating Passive Income

Writing an eBookWriting an eBook Just Makes Sense

Learning more about writing an eBook can be the first step in creating information products to build passive and residual income in your online business. You may not be aware that eBooks are more popular than ever, especially after books on Kindle have become all the rage. Readers are able to print out eBooks, and I believe this may be the biggest reason they continue to grow in popularity.

The first eBook I wrote and sold online was on the topic of real estate “farming”. This is a common activity among people working in real estate and refers to the process of choosing a geographical area that you can “farm”. I used to knock on every door in my farm once a month. It consisted of about three hundred homes. Over the years I became quite proficient at this activity and turned my door knocking into a steady stream of excellent clients. It just made sense that I would share this knowledge and experience with others.

So, where do you begin? Writing an eBook may appeal to you, but you must understand the process to truly be successful with this. Here are some steps to help you move forward:

  • Choose a topic that you know well and one that is of interest to others, Search on Google and at Amazon to see what is already available and what is selling well.
  • Purchase a domain that will serve as the “home” for your new product. Remember than an eBook is an information product and I will refer to is as such.
  • Create an outline for your eBook to make sure you cover everything you intended.
  • Start writing! Writing an eBook takes time, but it will be well worth it over time as you add another information product to your inventory.
  • Begin blogging about your topic and discuss your upcoming eBook.
  • When your eBook is complete, set it up as a product on your new domain.
  • Discover creative ways to market your eBook, including adding affiliates, hosting teleseminars and webinars, advertising on Facebook and other sites, and connecting with people locally who would be interested in learning more about your topic. This worked extremely well for my real estate farming eBook.
  • Ask others to interview you to introduce you, your topic, and your eBook to their audiences.
  • Think about what else you could create that would be a helpful addition to your new eBook. Think checklists, workbooks, and templates. These are amazing add-ons and will bring you additional revenue over the years.

Writing an eBook can be an excellent way to begin your online marketing as an entrepreneur. Remember that an eBook is a digital information product that will serve you for years to come. And once you have written one eBook, begin outlining your next one. Jim Edwards has a new training program for writing and marketing eBooks that is second to none. Check it out and get started right away.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2006. If you are ready to get started on your journey to multiple streams of online income, visit my site at Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and download your complimentary training to get started today.

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How to Write an eBook: Now Is The Time!

How to Write an eBookHow To Write An eBook

The question I am most often asked is on the topic of how to write an eBook. There is not a definitive answer to this, but I will tell you that it is extremely worthwhile to write an eBook as a part of your online business. Reasons for this include:

  • Becoming a published author on your specific topic
  • Being seen as an authority in your niche or industry
  • To have something to give away at no cost to attract new prospects
  • To sell for profit, on your own site of through Amazon’s Kindle program

When you go back less than a decade the idea of publishing your own book was not something most people thought of as a possibility. But the truth is that eBooks have been around for almost twenty years now. My friend Jim Edwards was instrumental in taking this concept mainstream when he began writing, publishing, and marketing his own eBooks back in 1997. Knowing how to write an eBook is life changing!

You may download a Special Report I put together with some of Jim’s guest posts for me on this topic. Please let me know if you are putting this all to work for you as an online entrepreneur.

And as far as publishing your own eBook, whether it be on your own website or for the Amazon Kindle program, it’s not a particularly complicated process. And when you look back after writing and publishing your first eBook you will see that the writing is actually the easy part.

The most important part of this process is building your platform and marketing your eBook before, during, and after it is written. I have done this successfully with more than a dozen books, and you can take a look at them here.

The truth is that it has never been easier to do this, and knowing how to write an eBook and build upHow to Write an eBook a business around it is an excellent way to change your life and become an online entrepreneur. Even if I did not create any other information products, online training courses, live workshops and events, and my Online Marketing Incubator and Platinum Mastermind programs the income generated from my books would replace what I used to earn before coming online. I attribute this to what I have learned over the years and continue to learn from Jim Edwards 7 Day eBook program.

So before you think about having your book published by a traditional publisher or self-publishing it as an eBook, check out Jim’s completely updated training course. The main pdf is over five hundred pages of detailed, step-by-step training, and the course also includes additional webinar replays and more. This course will change your life and give you options as a published author and online entrepreneur.

Check Out Jim Edwards’ 7 Day Ebook Training Now

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