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Writing an eBook: First Steps to Creating Passive Income

Writing an eBookWriting an eBook Just Makes Sense

Learning more about writing an eBook can be the first step in creating information products to build passive and residual income in your online business. You may not be aware that eBooks are more popular than ever, especially after books on Kindle have become all the rage. Readers are able to print out eBooks, and I believe this may be the biggest reason they continue to grow in popularity.

The first eBook I wrote and sold online was on the topic of real estate “farming”. This is a common activity among people working in real estate and refers to the process of choosing a geographical area that you can “farm”. I used to knock on every door in my farm once a month. It consisted of about three hundred homes. Over the years I became quite proficient at this activity and turned my door knocking into a steady stream of excellent clients. It just made sense that I would share this knowledge and experience with others.

So, where do you begin? Writing an eBook may appeal to you, but you must understand the process to truly be successful with this. Here are some steps to help you move forward:

  • Choose a topic that you know well and one that is of interest to others, Search on Google and at Amazon to see what is already available and what is selling well.
  • Purchase a domain that will serve as the “home” for your new product. Remember than an eBook is an information product and I will refer to is as such.
  • Create an outline for your eBook to make sure you cover everything you intended.
  • Start writing! Writing an eBook takes time, but it will be well worth it over time as you add another information product to your inventory.
  • Begin blogging about your topic and discuss your upcoming eBook.
  • When your eBook is complete, set it up as a product on your new domain.
  • Discover creative ways to market your eBook, including adding affiliates, hosting teleseminars and webinars, advertising on Facebook and other sites, and connecting with people locally who would be interested in learning more about your topic. This worked extremely well for my real estate farming eBook.
  • Ask others to interview you to introduce you, your topic, and your eBook to their audiences.
  • Think about what else you could create that would be a helpful addition to your new eBook. Think checklists, workbooks, and templates. These are amazing add-ons and will bring you additional revenue over the years.

Writing an eBook can be an excellent way to begin your online marketing as an entrepreneur. Remember that an eBook is a digital information product that will serve you for years to come. And once you have written one eBook, begin outlining your next one. Jim Edwards has a new training program for writing and marketing eBooks that is second to none. Check it out and get started right away.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2006. If you are ready to get started on your journey to multiple streams of online income, visit my site at Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and download your complimentary training to get started today.

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Passive Income: Your Silent Sales Army in Action

Silent Sales ArmyI like to think of my information products as being my silent sales army. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, these digital soldiers are looking out for me by getting out in front of my prospects and clients to let them know exactly which info products I have available. You can have the same kind of business if you set it up this way for passive income.

Teaching online courses is a joy for me, and at this point I have over a dozen of them. This means that I am able to teach my courses live the first time so that I may interact with my students in real time. As a former classroom teacher this aspect of my business is one that I do not wish to abandon. But I can have the best of both worlds as an online entrepreneur. For once I have taught the course live it immediately goes into what I refer to as “home study”. Then the real magic begins.

The course in home study immediately becomes an information product that will sell over and over without my being there in person or virtually. Because I use SEO (search engine optimization) throughout my site I am able to benefit from the organic traffic Google and the other search engines will send me. I am known online as the “Marketing Madwoman”, so I begin to market my info products before they are even completed. And I have many affiliates who continue to let their prospects and clients know about my products. Over time this all builds up to quite a nice business model and an excellent income stream. And my silent sales army is always working in the background to make everything fall into place.

Now I do have many other products that do not contain a live element at all. I created them to stand on their own as information products consisting of written content, audio recordings, and videos that teach and explain the topic completely. These info products can be created very quickly, and as you gain experience you will find that you can put together a new high quality product in just a few days. Your silent sales army will help you to make sure the right people see what you have to offer and the sales will begin rolling in right away.

This business is anything but a “get rich quick” scheme. Instead, it takes time, effort, and hard work to learn what you need to know and to put all of the pieces in place. But once you do, you are unlimited as to what is possible in your business. My Really Simple Info Products training course teaches you everything you need in a step by step manner so that you will not leave out any of the pieces. Begin by creating simple information products on topics you are familiar with, and then expand to more sophisticated products and courses. Over time you will build your own silent sales army and enjoy massive passive income for years to come.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2006. If you are ready to get started on your journey to multiple streams of online income, visit my site at Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and download your complimentary training to get started today.

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Earning Passive Income Online

Passive IncomePassive Income Online

It might just be the number one complaint of people working for others: trading you’re time for money.

Of course you may love your job or career. You enjoy solving problems and doing the work you were passionate at when you began. You genuinely like the work you do, but no matter how much you love your chosen field and those you work with, two things will continue to hold you back:

  • You—just like everyone on the planet—have limited hours available
  • If you aren’t working, you aren’t earning money

By definition, these two limitations put a cap on your earning potential. And while you may not want for anything—you may, in fact, be leading a wonderful, blessings-filled life—you still cannot make the impact you want to make, simply because you’re lacking in either time or money.

If you’re working all the time, then you have precious little time to…

  • Volunteer
  • Travel
  • Enjoy your kids and their growing up years
  • Pursue a hobby
  • Start a part-time business
  • Learn a new skill
  • Or anything else you’d like to spend your time on

And if you aren’t working, well, then you have less money for…

  • Family vacations
  • Charities
  • Church
  • Education (for you or the kids)
  • Exciting new hobbies
  • Or whatever else makes your heart sing!

It’s a true catch-22, isn’t it? You need to work more to earn the cash to build the life you desire, but the life you really want can’t be had if you’re working all the time.

The answer? Passive income.

Ask any successful entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that the key to building a sustainable business that doesn’t burn you out lies in the ability to leverage your time by creating passive, recurring income.

Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. In fact, building up that stream of passive income will take a lot of work indeed. But once you create the systems, you can leverage them over and over and over again to create a steady cash flow that no longer depends on you and your time.

Just imagine the freedom that would bring! And it’s not that difficult to do, with just a little planning…

Passive Income Tip: Brainstorm a Digital Training Program or Small Course

This is going to be the cornerstone of your plan. Once you have a digital product to sell, all that’s required is to drive traffic to your offer. You can…

  • Mail your list
  • Use paid advertising
  • Recruit affiliates
  • List it on directory sites such as ClickBank or JVZoo
  • Blog about it
  • Ask other people to blog about it
  • Share it in forums and groups

Truthfully, there are dozens of ways to get eyes on your sales page, so even if you don’t have a list, you can still begin building your passive income plan with a training program or course.

All you have to do is create it.

Now before you move on, thinking you can never do this, let’s not overcomplicate it. Here’s a simple 3-step way to brainstorm a small course or training product:

  1. What problem does your ideal client struggle with the most? Is she tech challenged and needs a step-by-step on how to create a landing page? Does she lack confidence, and suffer from mindset issues? Does she want/need to write a book but just can’t seem to get started?Whatever her trouble spot, a small training product or course will no-doubt help. Remember—you don’t have to solve all her problems, just this one, so keep it simple so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. What format does your ideal client prefer for training? Your product can be video, audio, written, or any combination. It’s completely up to you.

What resources do you have that you can repurpose? You very likely have blog posts, short reports, Kindle books and other material you can quickly pull together to create a complete training. (And if you need some additional material, or even a starting point, be sure to check out the PLR that I use personally in my business and highly recommend at Coach Glue and DIY (Do It Yourself) PLR. Then get busy creating a training program or course you can sell online for years to come.

What other questions do you have for me on the topic of earning passive income online?

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Podcast: Multiple Streams of Online Income

Multiple Streams of Online Income Multiple Streams of Online Income

My most recent podcast is a discussion of multiple streams of online income as an entrepreneur. Here are some of the points I explain in great detail during the training call:

The BIG question is…

Are you taking advantage of multiple streams of online income? Let’s talk about:

  1. The “putting your eggs in several baskets” strategy
  2. Deciding which business model(s) to start with first
  3. Scheduling time to “learn” and time to “do”
  4. What to set up first in your business
  5. Productivity tips for multiple streams entrepreneurs

Think about each of these points, listen to the podcast, and then comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on these ideas and concepts in regards to how adding multiple streams of online income will enable you to be a more successful entrepreneur.

I also discuss some concepts about online entrepreneurship:

  • Someone somewhere must purchase something for you to earn money
  • Your blog is your “home on the internet
  • Stay focused and take action every single day
  • Share your best writing, information, and resources
  • Choose a niche and one or two income streams today

Finally, I share my thoughts and ideas on…What Do You Need For Successful Entrepreneurship?

  • WordPress Blog/Site
  • Business PayPal Account
  • Content Creation/Publication/Syndication Strategy
  • Something to sell!

This podcast training is based on my recently created Focus Guide on the topic of multiple streams of online income. Download it here and take massive action quickly for best results.

Are you ready to be surprised? Recently, I have introduced a new feature during these podcast training calls. I will always have the latest course or program, either one of my own or one offered by someone I highly recommend, at my Surprise! link. Check it out today and see what I am recommending this week. If it’s not my own program, product, course, or live event then it’s always from someone I know, trust, and highly recommend as a great value to you as an online entrepreneur.

My most recent book is now available. It’s entitled Doing What It Takes: The Online Entrepreneur’s Playbook and I’d love to hear your Doing What It Takesthoughts on it by way of a review on Amazon after you read it and implement my suggesstions.

Are you already a part my list community and receiving my daily email updates and training? If not, please give me your first name and primary email address in the form on the right-hand side of this site. If you are brand new to my podcasts, you will be interested to know that this specific training call, as well as all of the calls in my podcast series is intended to teach you and other new online entrepreneurs how to take your business to the next level quickly and effectively, and as a way for me to share my exact methods, techniques, Case Studies, secrets, and advice on creating a profitable and lucrative online business using the ‘multiple income streams’ approach. People on six continents have now discovered that starting an Internet business is the very fastest way to achieve both time and financial freedom, as well as to great success in all areas of your life, and you need help to get there quickly. That’s why I started this online marketing tips podcast for my community.

You will see that each podcast session is first recorded live as a teleseminar, and then repurposed into a podcast to extend my reach to the world. Please join my list (opt in on the right) to be included on these calls, and be sure to introduce yourself and share your site for optimal exposure for years to come! Also, check out my Podcast Show Notes site to see how you can subscribe at no cost to both of my podcasts, and please leave me a review on one or both of them if you are so inclined.

If you would like to get started earning income online right away then I recommend affiliate marketing as the stream of income that will allow you to “earn while you learn” You may now pick up my popular training on winning affiliate contests and other online marketing tips for only seven dollars at Affiliate Contest Secrets. This training regularly sells for $27. Use the discount code CONTEST to bring the price down to $7. This training has been completely updated for 2016 with the latest information, strategies, and Case Studies for you to use in your own business.

Please be sure to leave your comments below so that I may get to know you better and to serve you as you continue your journey as an online entrepreneur. Getting started with an online business will change your life forever and my reward is your massive success!

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Multiple Streams of Online Income

Multiple Streams of IncomeMultiple Streams of Income

If you are not familiar with me, my name is Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been working exclusively on the Internet since 2006 as an online entrepreneur. During this time I’ve seen so many business models come and go. For example, article marketing was huge when I was first working on the Internet. Within a few years its relevance began to dwindle, and today no one considers this strategy to be a viable one. So even though I wrote, published, and distributed more than two thousand articles during my first few years online, this writing no longer serves to build my business.

The difference between me and many other entrepreneurs is that I did not allow this shift in the industry to faze me. Instead, I never skipped a beat as I transitioned into authorship, a model that has brought me much greater success than writing short articles ever could have done. You see, it’s all about how you approach a situation and deal with it that can determine the level of success you will be able to achieve. Instead of choosing to bury my head in the sand as article marketing plummeted, or giving up altogether because things were changing so rapidly, I chose to evaluate my writing and write the first of now more than a dozen books that have opened doors and dramatically shifted other people’s perception of me. Whenever one door closes, many new doors open up.

And lest you think that I am in possession of some super powers or have talents and abilities not available to the average person, you should know that is not the case. I am of average intelligence, do not have a background in business, and continue to type with my two index fingers! For twenty years prior to coming online I worked as a classroom teacher, while working simultaneously as a residential real estate appraiser and listing broker. If I can do this, you can do it as well.

Also, I am a multiple time cancer survivor, suffered a serious injury while teaching, and continue to have a variety of aches and pains related to my health issues. I’ve allowed none of these issues to affect my online business and I travel regularly for business and pleasure. During the summer of 2016 I took a six thousand mile road trip across the United States to spend time with a dozen of my clients and mentees in various cities. Even though the driving was a challenge at times, I have already committed to making a similar journey during the summer of 2017.

At the present time I enjoy eight separate and multiple streams of income online. I’d like to introduce you to each one of these individually so that you may decide for yourself which ones appeal most to you. Also, I recommend only choosing one or two to begin with, and to monetize them before moving on to yet another business model. The gold is in the perseverance, consistency, and effort you put into your business. In no particular order, here are the eight streams of online income that you may wish to consider for your own internet business…

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing was actually the first model that earned me income online ad this continues to be my favorite, especially of you are just starting out as an online entrepreneur. It was the spring of 2006 and I had been writing articles and blogging every single day for several months at that point in time. Although I had yet to earn any money, I still had faith that what I was doing was bringing me closer to my goal of online entrepreneurship.

Then one day I logged into my account at a site called ClickBank. I had been promoting several digital products from there, including one on dog training. On that day I saw that I had earned twenty-one dollars and sixty cents! I was ecstatic and knew that if even one person had made a purchase based on my recommendation, then others would as well over time if I kept up my efforts and learned more. Many more sales of this and other products followed and I was on my way.

Within a couple of years I had reached “Super Affiliate” status, meaning that product and course creators reached out to me when they wanted to launch new products. People who had been online for many years already, such as Marlon Sanders, Armand Morin, and Jim Edwards sought me out to find out what I thought about what they were doing. My simple approach proved valuable in determining what beginning online entrepreneurs most needed to be successful.

This model continues to account for about forty percent of my annual income. I teach an ongoing course called Really Simple Affiliate Marketing that may be of interest to you.

Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing kind of fell into my lap during my first year online. I had a family member who had lost his job and started a handyman service in his community. He was spending almost five hundred dollars a month on classified advertising in his local newspaper, as well as two magazine ads.

When I told him I’d like to set up a site for him and do some marketing with his keywords (his city plus the type of work he offered) he told me to go ahead. Within a month and a half he was able to cancel the paid advertising and instead paid me to continue with what I was doing. One huge difference was that a newspaper or magazine ad is only good until the next issue appears; online marketing lasts forever.

Soon I was marketing for a local dentist and an insurance agent and that’s when I realized I could get to six figures a year with this business model, all while honing the marketing and writing skills I needed in order to build my core business of online marketing for myself. I currently teach an online course on how to market for small business with my colleague Ron Tester.

Information Products

Digital, downloadable information products have been around for about twenty years now, yet it took me one full year before I created one of my own. It was confusing for me in that I wasn’t sure what I could offer to others that would be of value to them. I ended up putting together a four part training course on article marketing and blogging that I sold for ninety-seven dollars. Keep in mind that this course consisted of four one hour teleseminars and a study guide. So it was definitely low tech and simple to create.

Information products are now a billion dollar business and encompass trainings and information on almost any topic you can think of that people need information about for personal or business purposes. Think of eBooks, online courses, short reports, audio recordings, videos, webinars, and so much more as being the core of the digital information product world. More people than ever before are taking to the Internet to find the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems. I teach a popular course called Really Simple Info Products that you may want to consider if this is a model you resonate with at this time.


It is said that more than eighty percent of the population wants to write and publish a book at any given time, yet fewer than five percent actually see it through to completion. When I wrote and published my first book – Huge Profits with a Tiny List – back in 2010 I was immediately catapulted to a new level in my business. Other people now perceived me to be an expert and an authority in my field and I was offered speaking engagements and other opportunities. It was so impactful that I almost immediately began my second book, and I have recently published my fourteenth book through my own publishing company, Hunter’s Moon.

Some people consider their books to be lead generators and marketing pieces, but I do not stop there with the value of being a published author. The people who find me through my books tend to be ones who are ready to take action and do the work necessary to achieve their dreams and goals, and that is exciting for me. Also, helping you to share your knowledge and expertise is quite rewarding. I teach an entire course on how to write your full length book and then create a business based on your topic at Write. Publish. Prosper. if this is attractive to you as a business model.


I added this as an income stream in the fall of 2013. Once again I faced a steep learning curve, but it has definitely been worth it. There are several different models available when you sell physical products online, including the private label model, retail arbitrage, and my favorite, wholesaling products to sell on the Internet.

During the 1999-2000 holiday season I had sold toys on eBay, and even though that model did not suit me at that time, it gave me an idea of what it was like to sell physical products to others. This business has come a long way since then, and now it is one that can be extremely rewarding and lucrative. Also, if you have a family member who is interested in helping you, this can be a way to start a family business. At this point in time two of my family members are involved, and two more will be coming aboard before the end of this year. Here are a couple of resources for you that I continue to use to learn more strategies and techniques:

Jessica Larrew runs her Amazon business from home with the help of her husband and young son – http://ConnieLoves.me/SellingFamily

Jim Cockrum has been selling physical products and teaching others how to do it for over ten years now, longer than anyone else teaching this business model – http://ConnieLoves.me/PAC

Online Courses/Trainings

My background is that of a classroom teacher, so when I discovered that I could teach people all over the world using teleseminars and webinars I was thrilled at the possibilities. Earlier I told you how I created my first information product as a four part teleseminar course with a Study Guide, and this was actually my first foray into the world of teaching an online course.

Anything you have knowledge about can be turned into an online training course, and as long as there are people who are interested in learning more about the topic you will be in an excellent position to help them. I use webinars to teach, record them, and then add them to a member’s area so that participants may watch and listen to them later on. I also like to include handouts, Study Guides, and other resources to make the training more complete.

Blogging/Niche Sites/Membership Sites

I’ve lumped three different types of online business models into one here, but with good reason. About two years after coming online the bright light finally came on in my mind; I could turn all of the blogs I had started during my first year on the Internet into niche sites that would continue to earn some income. When I started my first free membership site, that gave me the time to practice, enhance, and develop future programs that I could monetize.

When you have an idea for something that you want to pursue online, set up a simple WordPress site, add some content, and add a free membership site to see if it is viable as a paid business model. This is also an excellent way to bring your family members into the fold and allow them to explore the Internet for themselves. There are tens of thousands of niche sites to be found online, and yours can be one more that serves the people who are interested in that specific topic and searching for more information.

With some of these niche sites you will want to collect the names and email addresses of the people who are interested in your topic by adding an optin box to your blog and following up with them by email. Other times you will not do this and simply offer affiliate products within your blog posts and in the sidebar. The addition of a membership site makes it simple to contact the people who join at any time through the system’s internal email option. It’s completely up to you and you may always change your mind at a later time. The important thing here is to be consistent with your content creation and marketing.


What I love most about mentoring entrepreneurs and consulting with corporations and non-profits is the ability to impact people outside of my sphere of influence and connection. Not everyone is cut out for this particular business model, so think long and hard about the implications of working so closely with others in this type of arrangement.

Within a couple of years I realized that I could only work successfully with twenty or fewer entrepreneurs at a time, so I made changes to my programs to account for that. I also can only work with about five corporate and non-profits at a time, so I implemented that strategy as well.

Typically you will have one or two calls each month with a client, as well as meeting with them face to face two or three times each year. I host my own live marketing events twice a year, as well as hosting intimate retreats several times a years, providing ample opportunities to connect with my people on a more regular basis. My group members have become part of my extended family, and I value their opinions when it comes to my business.

These are the eight streams of online income I wanted to share with you. Please stay connected with me, join my list if you aren’t on it already, and let me know how I may best serve you in your quest to become a successful online entrepreneur enjoying multiple streams of income.

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