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Podcast: Dan Morris & Rachel Martin of Blogging Concentrated

Blogging ConcentratedBlogging Concentrated’s Rachel Martin and Dan Morris

On this podcast interview I had the opportunity to speak with the Blogging Concentrated founders Rachel Martin and Dan Morris. I’ve known Dan for more than five years, and finally met Rachel a couple of years ago when we were all speaking at an event in Toronto. They impressed me immediately with their knowledge of content creation as a means to connect with your target market, while also creating massive credibility and visibility for yourself and your business.

They share how they got started, individually and as a team, what their events consist of, and their vision for the future of Blogging Concentrated. They host live events all over the world, and they are tailored to the needs of the people they are teaching and consulting with at each venue. This is what Dan Morris has to say about the conferences he and Rachel are hosting:

My goal is to help bloggers perfect the little things that make a big difference. If the platform and infrastructure are right, we can really make headway. Every little thing we do should build upon itself, and if it doesn’t we should scrutinize why we’re doing it.

You are no different than a Fortune 500 CEO and you belong at a conference with people who feel the same way. We pay bills, raise families, and buy homes with our revenue. Let’s help each other get smarter about it.”

And Rachel adds:

I am passionate about the impact that bloggers can make in life, the ripple effect, whether it is a deal blog to a lifestyle blog to a diy blog – each of these platforms has a ripple that not only affects the blogger but also their readers’ lives.”

During this interview we are all at different locations. Dan was in his home city of Nashville, Tennessee, Rachel was on the lake in northern Minnesota, and I was near the beach in Santa Barbara, California. This is to show you that you may run a successful online business from anywhere in the world, as long as you have Internet access.

Dan, Rachel, and I also discuss the possibility of their coming to Santa Barbara to work with some non-profit groups on their blogging, social media, and other parts of their marketing strategies and techniques.

I know you will enjoy learning more about Dan and Rachel and what they are doing over at their site, Blogging Concentrated.

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