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Your Book As An Info Product

My first book was published in 2010 and I have since written more than a dozen books of the topic of entrepreneurship and online marketing. At first I saw this as a way to become more credible and visible as an author. Then it became a way for me to become a public speaker. But soon it made perfect sense that each of my books was actually a new information topic on one aspect of my overall topic of online entrepreneurship. Are you thinking of creating a book as an info product?

Thinking of the books you have written or will write as serving this purpose in your business will serve you well over time. Let’s take a closer look at this strategy and how you can make it work for you, no matter what your experience or which niche you have chosen to work in as an online entrepreneur.

When I think about a topic for a new book I am really thinking about how I can serve my target audience by providing information that will help them to achieve their goals. For example, my first book was on the topic of how to make huge profits with a tiny list. This was actually an answer to the question of that time when people thought you have to have at least ten thousand names on your list before you could earn a worthwhile income on the internet. In my book I shared my personal experience of how I was able to reach six figures with fewer than a thousand names on my email list. Then I went on to explain how the reader could do the exact same thing using my steps and methods.

Along with writing the book on this topic I had created a popular blog, a free giveaway, a short report, a live presentation, and finally an online course on how to make huge profits with a tiny list. By following through with everything necessary to take the reader from beginning to end in a step by step manner, this book became a part of my information product funnel using my “book as an info product” business model. And because I continue to discuss this topic on a regular basis, this lucrative and proven “book as an info product” business model continues to earn me income and to brand me as a successful online entrepreneur who is willing to share exactly what is working today.

I have since used the strategy I am sharing here to create a book as an info product in the areas of using a book, your blog, and your podcast as an effective strategy, time management and productivity for entrepreneurs, developing the concept of being a “weekend marketer” until you go full time, and several others.

I highly recommend that you write a book as an info product based on your area of knowledge, interest, and expertise. Teaching others how to be successful is a noble endeavor that is worth your time and effort. Look at the topics you have been blogging about to see what you can put together as a free giveaway and as a short report. This will be the beginning of creating a book as an info product that can be an important piece in your funnel. And be sure to take a look at all of my books to see what I have been able to achieve that you may wish to emulate.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2006. If you are ready to get started on your journey to multiple streams of online income, visit my site at Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and download your complimentary training to get started today.

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What Is An Information Product?

What Is an Information ProductAn information product can be defined as a communication of information via various types of digital media such as eBooks, webinars, teleseminars, online audio and video, website content and much more.

These products are more commonly known as “info products” and have revolutionized the way people are able to learn and obtain the information they want and need on the internet. And more importantly, info products are an excellent way for online entrepreneurs to create and distribute their own products, courses, and trainings.

Perhaps what I appreciate most about information products is my ability to make changes so easily. For example, if I create a short report or a book for Kindle and see that there is a mistake or a typo I can simply make the change, save the file, and upload it again. This is in sharp contrast to the traditional way of having your content already printed and having to print it all again to correct a mistake.

Another benefit of information products to deliver your information and training is how quickly you can connect with your students and clients. I can host a live webinar training and within an hour I have provided both the webinar replay and the audio in mp3 format in the member’s area for that training. Someone halfway around the world will be able to download and access the information they have paid for immediately (if they are on the live webinar) or within an hour if they are waiting for the replay.

And an information product will always consist of electrons, so there is nothing to store. Long ago we would have to store books, CDs, and other materials and wait for them to sell. Fulfillment was also an issue, as someone had to take the packages to the post office or have them picked up by a delivery service. This was all time consuming and expensive, not to mention inconvenient. So digital products changed everything for online entrepreneurs.

If you are considering creating an information product of your own, make sure you are providing a product your target audience will benefit from. The fact that it will be digital must not affect the quality of your information and training. Delivering it through a membership site works best in terms of product security and perceived value.

Think of your idea, do some research, and then get busy creating a product you will be proud to call your own. You may want to start by writing and publishing an eBook on your topic, and then add to your product by teaching a webinar or teleseminar. Add some worksheets, checklists, and a resource guide and your product is sure to do well on the internet. The world of information products is one that will be lucrative for years to come.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And please be sure to check out my Really Simple Info Products training course to get started right away.

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Planning a Successful Product Launch

Product LaunchPlanning Your Product Launch

Hardly anything is more stressful than planning a new product launch. But, if you are prepared, do your research, and plan everything out to the letter when things pop up you’ll be ready for it. If you’re ready to work smart, you can have a very successful launch without feeling too overwhelmed.

Do Your Research for Your Product Launch

Like with most things, research has to come first. You need to know everything you can about your customers such as:

  • Who They Are: Create an ideal customer avatar to help guide everything you do in creating products and in marketing products. Spend time getting to know your audience.
  • What Their Pain Points Are: You probably already have a product, but if not, try writing down three pain points and then figuring out how you can solve each one. Pick the best one and make one product for one pain point.
  • Where They Are: Knowing where your audience hangs out can help you devise your marketing plan because this information will inform where you spend advertising money and time.
  • Why They Need Your Product: This goes back to the pain points, but this is a little different because you should write a sentence that phrases how your product benefits your customer. For example, “My customers need my product because they like to save time.”

Once you’ve done your research, you can focus on creating the message. It should be directed toward your audience in such a way that they’ll really want what you the solution or benefits you promise them.

Craft Messaging

Everything always starts with your audience. When you truly target your audience with the message, you’ll use words they like to use, bring to mind the thoughts you want them to think, and the feelings you want them to feel. That can only happen if you do your due diligence and learn as much as you can about your audience on a continuous basis.

  • Problems/ Pain Points & Solutions – Focus on problems and pain point you solve with your offer, in order to create the best message. Your audience wants to know what the benefits are, who you are, why you’re the best person to help them, and how you’re going to do it. Look at this sales page. You can click the image to go to the site directly. This is a good example of knowing your audience’s pain points and solving a problem for them. Plus, the sales page addresses objections, shows science, and more.
  • Make Your Message Compelling – One way to get free marketing from others is to make your messages so interesting and compelling that people not only sign up for your offers but they share them with others. The best way to do that is to touch your audience’s emotions. Tapping into what makes them feel is as easy as figuring out the benefits of your offerings for your audience and telling them what they are.
    • Speak Your Audience’s Language – Learn to speak using the words and terms your audience understands. You want to use their language. When you speak to them in this way, they’ll respond better and trust you more.
    • Write Down Your Purpose – Some people call this a mission statement or a purpose statement. It should be one to three sentences, no more than a paragraph, that will explain what you are doing, why you are doing it and who will benefit.
    • Know the Goal of the Message – When you create a message it should support the mission, the reason for doing it. The goal of the message may be to, get customers to sign up or buy a product. Sometimes there are multiple goals; however, they always support the purpose of creating the item. When you include the goal, people are more likely to take action.
    • Outline Your Messages – Now it’s time to outline the message. Mapping out the message before you get down to writing, or send it to a writer, will go far in helping you stay on topic, create intriguing messages that get customers to take the actions that give you the the results you want.
    • Finally, remember that every single message you send, whether it’s a blog post, a Tweet, or a Facebook Live message, stay on topic and convince readers that this one point is what’s important right now. That way each message stands on its own. Since each work with your mission statement, they all reinforce your branding efforts.This will help to make your product launch a success.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And be sure to check out my popular training course, the Internet Marketing Six Pack.

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Podcast: Expand Your Product Line

Expand Your Product Line How to Create and Expand Your “Product Line”

This month’s podcast is a discussion of creating your “product line”  of courses and information products for online entrepreneurs. Here are some of the points I explain in great detail during this training call:

The first discussion point is…

What does it means to create and expand your “product line” instead of just creating individual information products? I’ve done this successfully over the past twelve months and you can, too. Let’s discuss this topic in further detail…

So, How Do You Create and Expand Your Product Line?

  1. Make a detailed list of the topics you teach others. Take the time to include everything you can think of, even if you have yet to teach it to others.
  2. Choose your overall topic and begin outlining a Signature training course on this. The idea here is to become known for being an expert and authority in your niche.
  3. Now make a list of everything within your Signature course that could be turned into a “stand alone” training.
  4. Start teaching where you are most comfortable, even if it’s not in your overall area of knowledge, experience, and expertise.
  5. Begin with a regular (weekly, bi-weekly) free teleseminar series and create a unique Study Guide to share with listeners each time.

Begin by taking these steps to discover what your product line could encompass…

Go through your blog posts to see which topics you wrote about and which posts received the most comments and social shares. Those topics are most likely the ones that are resonating with your audience and readers.

Read through the emails you’ve been sending to your list to discover which topics generated the most replies from your list.

Outline a course you could teach during the next thirty days based on these topics that you know so well. Keep it simple!

Use my strategies to create and expand your product line during 2017.

Think about each of these questions, listen to the podcast, and then comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts on these ideas and concepts in regards to how defining and refining your niche and building a responsive list will enable you to be a more successful entrepreneur.

These list building tips online are intended to focus and guide you through the process of building a success online business. If you’d like to download my latest Focus Guide on Repurposing Your Content, click on this link. Feel free to share it with anyone who may benefit from what I am sharing. Also, my Study Guides are available here for many of my recent podcasts. This one is from December 1, 2016, so simply look for that date in the list and download your Study Guide.

Are you ready to be surprised? Recently, I have introduced a new feature during these podcast training calls. I will always have the latest course or program, either one of my own or one offered by someone I highly recommend, at my Surprise! link. Check it out today and see what I am recommending this time. If it’s not my own program, product, course, or live event then it’s always from someone I know, trust, and highly recommend as a great value to you as an online entrepreneur.

My most recent book is now available. It’s entitled Doing What It Takes: The Online Entrepreneur’s Playbook and I’d love to hear your Doing What It Takesthoughts on it by way of a review on Amazon after you read it and implement my suggestions.

Are you already a part my list community and receiving my daily email updates and training? If not, please give me your first name and primary email address in the form on the right-hand side of this site. If you are brand new to my podcasts, you will be interested to know that this specific training call, as well as all of the calls in my podcast series is intended to teach you and other new online entrepreneurs how to take your business to the next level quickly and effectively, and as a way for me to share my exact methods, techniques, Case Studies, secrets, and advice on creating a profitable and lucrative online business using the ‘multiple income streams’ approach. People on six continents have now discovered that starting an Internet business is the very fastest way to achieve both time and financial freedom, as well as to great success in all areas of your life, and you need help to get there quickly. That’s why I started this online marketing tips podcast for my community.

You will see that each podcast session is first recorded live as a teleseminar, and then repurposed into a podcast to extend my reach to the world. Please join my list (opt in on the right) to be included on these calls, and be sure to introduce yourself and share your site for optimal exposure for years to come! Also, check out my Podcast Show Notes site to see how you can subscribe at no cost to both of my podcasts, and please leave me a review on one or both of them if you are so inclined.

If you would like to get started earning income online right away then I recommend affiliate marketing as the stream of income that will allow you to “earn while you learn” You may now pick up my popular training on winning affiliate contests and other online marketing tips for only seven dollars at Affiliate Contest Secrets. This training regularly sells for $27. Use the discount code CONTEST to bring the price down to $7. This training has been completely updated for 2016 with the latest information, strategies, and Case Studies for you to use in your own business.

Please be sure to leave your comments below so that I may get to know you better and to serve you as you continue your journey as an online entrepreneur. List building tips online is a great place to begin. Getting started with an online business will change your life forever and my reward is your massive success!

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Info Product Creation in 6 Easy Pieces

This is a guest post from my good friend and colleague Dennis Becker on the topic of Info Product Creation – tips that can change your life.

info product creation tipsDo you know just how easy it is to create products that target and solve just one problem – a problem people are willing to pay like crazy to solve?

You can build a fantastic business with those “mini” info products alone… and many people have. If creating 1-day products is your ideal business model, don’t stop

But, maybe you’re ready to take things to the next level.

The real, big money is in higher-end products. The big money is in having a well-oiled product funnel. Consider the products that your favorite, most successful marketing
idols have for sale.

They probably have some free products, low-end products, high-end products, and maybe even coaching and consulting… something for every learning and spending level.

They do that because it works.

I have an incredible number of products out. Some follow the 1-problem model and others are much more comprehensive and higher end. I have created these products for a reason–it’s because it serves my audience well and results in a fantastic income.

I urge you to continue building your information product empire.
Develop some more comprehensive, high end products along with your easier, less expensive products. Once a customer buys one of your 1-problem products, they’ll be
more likely to know, like, and trust you, and then be willing to invest in something more substantial… if you have something like that…

…which you definitely should have, otherwise YOUR customer has just realized that they want and need more specific information, and they might pay for that information somewhere else if you aren’t ready to help them.

Develop a funnel that will grab more traffic, net more sales, and have your customers buying product after product from you.

There’s definitely a secret to making it all work.

The cool thing is that it’s actually easier than you expect to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s the secret of becoming successful with your own info product funnel. It’s the secret of combining low end and high end products to build a huge list and make a full time income online.

The trick is to take a bird’s eye view of your business so you know
exactly what you’re looking at.

What does your eventual, successful business look like from a distance? You have to know what your goal is to get where you’re going. But then, you have to break it down. If you don’t, you’ll get overwhelmed. It’s time to break product creation, driving traffic,
building a list, and making sales into super-simple steps that will add up to something big.

It’s actually easy to build a complete info product business.

I’ve been developing info products for a number of years now, and have helped many others find their success. It wasn’t always easy, but I’ve broken the process down into 6 easy pieces and put it in a Training Guide (that link gives you a special price because you’ve responded to this guest post – normally the price is $20 higher.)

This is a complete, start to finish business model that can absolutely help you find success with product creation.

Imagine living the life you want to live… this is how it happens.

Picture yourself earning money day and night. Imagine what it will feel like to change your life and the lives of others. How much could you earn if you had a great list, great contacts, a great product funnel, and great success?

There is one thing marketers forget about when they set out to create their info product empire…

What they tend to neglect is the motivation and mindset.

That, in my experience and opinion, is absolutely key. If you aren’t motivated to follow through, you won’t. If you don’t believe in yourself and have strong goals, you’ll never achieve them. That’s exactly why I’ve made that the first module in my 6 Easy Pieces Of Product Creation course.

People tend to be too scattered and unfocused. This Easy Piece all but ensures you carry through with everything it takes to become successful with your own products. If I had to start all over again from nothing, I’d follow these 6 Easy Pieces to very quickly find success again.

Download Your Six Easy Pieces Training Here

What are the 6 Easy Pieces?

1. Motivation
2. Simple 1-day products
3. Powerful, surprising high-end products
4. Incredible sales techniques
5. Unstoppable traffic
6. Advanced methods for newfound success

I’m going to show you how to get motivated, set goals (and reach them), create simple products in just 1 day, create high end, high earning products, easily make sales, drive traffic, and build your list. I also include some “secret sauce” techniques that you’ve never seen anywhere else.

 Grab 6 Easy Pieces of Product Creation Here. Dedicate yourself to this, and you can succeed.

Dennis Becker

Please disregard the strikethrough text on each of the links here. It’s a tech issue I’m working to resolve. The links work and lead you to the discounted page for this training from Dennis.
Connie Ragen Green

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