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Why a Marketing Calendar Makes Sense

Marketing CalendarMarketing Calendar for Online Entrepreneurs

I learned early on as an online entrepreneur that I would need to be stay organized if I wanted to be effective as an internet marketer. This meant planning ahead as to what I would be recommending to my community in terms of my own and affiliate products, services, and courses. Instead of waking up each day and wondering what information, details, and links I would share, I would simply go to my marketing calendar and see what I had scheduled. This has turned out to work extremely well, has significantly increased my online productivity, and has also turned me into quite an effective marketer.

The idea here is to schedule out at least thirty days into the future, and preferably ninety days. I always leave some room for last minute promotions, but for the most part I work a quarter ahead when it comes to what I will be recommending in my daily emails and on social media. One glance at my marketing calendar makes this part of online entrepreneurship both simple and manageable. And if you travel as much as I do this strategy can work effectively to give you the time freedom and lifestyle you are working towards.

Long ago I had very few products of my own, so almost everything I shared was an affiliate offering. This meant that I had to know when new products would be launched so that I could be timely with what I would recommend. I also needed to decide which people and products I wanted to promote regularly over time. This demanded that I build relationships with people I did not know at all, which was uncomfortable for me. Once I moved out of my comfort zone with this everything began to fall into place.

These days I have almost sixty of my own products and courses, so the focus and goal is to make sure that I recommend my own digital inventory a majority of the time. I find that if I promote my own products approximately sixty percent of the time I can meet my financial goals quite easily each month. This also positions me as more of a credible authority in my niche market.

Along with this comes the need for me to reach out to those who will be my affiliates, and to make sure they have ongoing products and courses to recommend. This motivates and inspires me to create more digital products so that my affiliates are never without an opportunity to share what I am doing with their own list and community.

A marketing calendar makes sense for you even if you are new to the world of online marketing. Being able to look thirty to ninety days into the future and know what you will be promoting has its advantages. Even though many products will be evergreen, allowing you to include these links in blog posts and short reports, most of what you will share with your prospects and clients will be time sensitive. Make this marketing calendar system a part of your daily work and you will enjoy the best possible results in your online business.

I’m Connie Ragen Green, online marketing strategist, bestselling author, and international speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship and inner game mind shifts. Let’s connect to see how I may best serve you in the near future. And please be sure to check out my Internet Marketing Six Pack training course.

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