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Selling From the Stage Most Effectively

Selling From the StageTips for Selling From the Stage

Making money as an entrepreneur means that someone must buy from you (your own products and services) or through you (affiliate marketing) in order for you to make a sale. I thought it would be valuable for me to take you through this process with examples of how to do this effectively when you make a presentation and selling from the stage to those you are speaking to in the audience.

I’ve been a professional speaker since 2008. That was the first year I was asked to speak at a marketing conference and became immersed in the world of selling from the stage. Since that time I have spoken at dozens of live events, conferences, and workshops in various cities around the world, as well as my own events I hope twice each year. And my skills continue to improve as I make a study of myself and others to see which are the most effective strategies.

When you speak at someone’s live event you begin selling the moment you arrive. This means that all eyes are on you to learn more about who you are as a human being. This is the time to be humble, vulnerable, and caring to others. If you start bragging about your accomplishments and not truly listening to others your time with the group may be off to a start that cannot be reversed.  First impressions mean everything!

If you’re an author, bring at least a few copies of your book(s) to give away to attendees. I’ve carted a suitcase filled with my books to events in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Finland, as well as on cruise ships to the Caribbean and to events throughout the United States. I’ve never sold my books or only given them to those who purchase from me at the event because that is not my business model or the way I wish to communicate with others. Instead, I make them available for those who would like them as a gift from me and then autograph them, if I am asked.

If the event I will be presenting at is not my own, I make sure to promote it to my list for several weeks in advance. There are several reasons to do this. First, it is respectful to the promoter. They will also be providing you with an affiliate link to their event, meaning that you will earn a commission for each person you invite. In my case, once someone makes a sale of any of my products they are cookied in for all future sales. Many of my speakers over the years go on to earn thousands of  dollars in the future because of the people who attended my events through their affiliate link. This is the type of “big picture” thinking that brings great results over time. And do not rely solely on social media to get the word out, as this will typically be your least effective type of marketing.

Once you’re on stage, introduce yourself in relation to the topic you will be speaking about to the group. This is the moment where congruent messages must be communicated from beginning to end. What I mean by this is that many of us are credible in several areas and may speak on a variety of topics. But on that day, for ninety minutes or so you are only representing your knowledge, experience, and expertise in one specific area. This “message to market” must be consistent throughout your time at the event, while you are on stage, and for the remainder of the time you are there. Keep in mind that something you might see as pertinent to your talk may be perceived as braggadocios to others.

Your offer at the end of your presentation is where you are selling from the stage. What you offer the audience must make perfect sense for those in attendance. It’s an extension of your presentation. Including a live component becomes crucial, until you have reached the status very few attain of being THE expert and authority in your field instead of being AN authority or expert. Also, limit your bonuses and remember that less is more. Adding more and more as you share your offer is a red flag to your audience that you lack confidence in your knowledge and overall in your life. Instead, offer one or two bonuses that make sense to complete your package. Keep it simple and in alignment with what you wish to project about yourself and your knowledge.

If public speaking and selling from the stage are a part of your business model, make sure to get in front of a live audience once a month to practice your skills. Be open to ideas and feedback on what you could change to be even more effective. Once I made the decision and commitment to add this to my business I learned how to close as many sales as possible at each event where I was fortunate enough to be asked to present on my topic.

I’m Connie Ragen Green and I work with new online entrepreneurs to help them get into profit as quickly as possible. Download your Online Entrepreneur Blueprint and get started right away.

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