Your Amazon Kindle Marketing Strategy

ACS Cover2 187x300 Your Amazon Kindle Marketing StrategyAre you using the Amazon Kindle marketing strategy in your online business? This has proven to be an extremely effective way to get your name and your message out to the world. Amazon and Kindle publishing have become one of my favorite ways to build my business, and with six books of my own, two I have co-authored, and many more I have contributed to, I realized very quickly that having your books rank highly is about much more than just keywords, and that the effort you make will be well worth the small amount of time it takes to help your book reach its full potential.

In order for your book to climb the chart on Amazon for your particular topic you must be concerned with four different things:

  • Purchases
  • Reviews
  • Likes
  • Tags

I’ll go into detail about each of these, and please feel free to use my books on Amazon as examples of how each of these has affected my search results.

Your Amazon Book Purchases

The number of times your book is purchased will have a direct correlation to where it ranks for your category. This can be manipulated, in a positive way, to get you off to a good start. What I like to do, before I tell anyone that my new book is available for sale, is to purchase two copies myself and to have two or three close friends do the same. My thinking here is that I do not want my book to start from rock bottom when I begin my launch for bestseller status. Instead, having just a few sales makes a huge difference in how fast I can climb to the first page.

Amazon Book Reviews

Reviews on Amazon are crucial to your success. My strategy is to ask people to leave a review once they have purchased and read the book, based on their honest feelings of what the book has to offer. I have never offered a bonus or anything else in return for a review, but I have seen others do this successfully. One or two poor reviews – receiving a one, two, or three – will not cause too much harm, but try to offset them with many more four and five reviews. Some topics, such as my book on affiliate marketing, are more prone to negative reviews due to competition with the Amazon community. Amazon only requires that you be registered in order to leave a review, not that you have actually purchased the title you are reviewing. This used to bother me in the beginning, but now I understand that there is nothing I can do about it except to remind my readers to leave their own reviews. I highly recommend that you ask people to leave you a review every time you promote your book, online and offline.

amazon reviews 300x127 Your Amazon Kindle Marketing Strategy






Amazon ‘Likes’

‘Likes’ refers to the feature where you may ‘like’ a book and post it on Amazon. I believe this can be confusing, for if you do not go to the next step and click on this ‘like’ to post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or via email, then your ‘like’ remains internal on Amazon and is not effective as an overall marketing strategy.

amazon likes 300x37 Your Amazon Kindle Marketing Strategy




Amazon Book Tags

Tags are extremely effective in marketing your book, yet seem to be the least of these strategies used by authors I know. Scroll down on the listing page to see where Amazon is showing you the current tags of the book, if there are any at this time, and asking you to suggest your own. I recommend tagging your book with your name, as well as with two or three additional keyword phrases that describe what your book is about.

amazon tags2 300x81 Your Amazon Kindle Marketing Strategy






Listmania! Is something I discovered on Amazon and continue to use in my ongoing book marketing strategy. Amazon allows us to create a list of books or other items and give the list a name. Other people can find these lists to see what you have included. Very little has been written about this to date, but I believe it is a powerful way to boost your book and set it apart from others on similar topics. Take a look at my current Listmania! lists to get some ideas.

amazon listmania 300x192 Your Amazon Kindle Marketing Strategy

Amazon Kindle Marketing Strategy

As you can see, there is more to this than simply writing and publishing your book on Amazon as a paperback or on the Kindle. By spending some time to go through each of these aspects you will further enhance the process by which you make more sales, generate new leads, and use the Amazon Kindle marketing strategy to build your online business.


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Podcast: Stephanie Chandler Authority Publishing

connie stephaniechandler 300x214 Podcast: Stephanie Chandler Authority PublishingStephanie Chandler, Authority Publishing CEO and author, is someone I have been following for about three years now. We recently had the opportunity to meet in person while we were both participating in the Global eBook Awards, hosted by Dan Poynter, in Santa Barbara. Stephanie received the honor of having one of her books, Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business, be named as Best Business Book of the Year – 2012 at this event.

Stephanie describes herself as being a ‘Silicon Valley refugee’, where she worked for over ten years as in software sales, technical support, and technical training.  In 2003 she left this fast paced lifestyle and opened a bookstore in Sacramento, California. She soon realized that in order to be successful she would need to leverage the power of the Internet to get the visibility and credibility she needed.

Soon she was writing and self-publishing books on small business marketing, as well as helping aspiring entrepreneurs to make the transition away from the corporate world. Publishing house John Wiley & Sons published her next book, From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with books, E-Books and Information Products in 2006, and this was the impetus for her next career move. She now had an agent, and was starting to speak around the country and consult with authors and business owners. In 2007 she sold the bookstore and the next year she founded Authority Publishing, her publishing company. They are involved with book publishing and social media marketing.

I asked Stephanie to talk about her publishing company. They are a paid service and custom publishers, only working with authors of non-fiction books. As soon as the manuscript is completed they handle everything, including the editing, cover design, interior layout, eBook formatting, and distribution. The focus is on working with business professionals who do not have the time to do everything that is needed in order to produce a professional looking book that will represent them well in the marketplace. She has a team of twelve dedicated people who help her with this. This gives her the time for what she loves, including sales, marketing, and blogging.

We also discussed the marketing piece of publishing, and Stephanie shared her frustrations with going to a ‘traditional’ publisher. You are paid very little, and they call the shots when it comes to your writing. They even pulled one of the chapters out of her book because they wanted to limit the word count. As an author you must take control of the marketing, and marketing online is her recommendation. She encourages authors to get involved with interviews, Internet radio shows, and blogging in order to get your name and message out to the world. This can also be done from the comfort of your own home. She also utilizes a site called Smashwords, an eBook distribution service, and this is something you will want to know more about as an author.

Stephanie balances speaking in person with virtual events, and feels that this is a skill you want to develop. We discuss how and why to build a local following while you are building your business, and how to do this most effectively right in your own backyard. Be sure to check out Stephanie’s books to learn more about what she is doing and to connect with her further.

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In Search of the Perfect Banana

banana 300x168 In Search of the Perfect BananaOnline marketing tips come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and this story is one that can help you to increase your bottom line.

My online empire has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, resulting in some major life changes. I now live in two different cities and travel outside of California (sometimes internationally) about once a month as I speak on my topics to entrepreneurs around the world. This means that it takes a small army of people to support and assist me in a variety of ways, including scheduling of flights, connections to hotels and event venues, hotel accommodations, technical support, customer service, email management, and more.

A couple of years ago I realized that I needed someone to shop for me. Before I leave on a trip I need certain foods ready and available to me, and upon my return I have other dietary needs. For example, when I fly I like to have a Subway sandwich to take with me on the flight. I’m busy packing, so it makes sense for someone else to pick up the sandwich for me. When I get home I am extremely tired, and like to have some plain yogurt and a banana before I jump into bed to catch up on my sleep.

The search for the perfect banana has been an interesting one. The first assistant I had was able to help me with a variety of tasks leading up to my departure each time, but upon my arrival back home the only thing I could count on was having some yogurt in the refrigerator.

In the beginning she would purchase three or four bananas for me, none of which was to my liking. They were either too green or too ripe. The green ones upset my stomach and banana2 167x300 In Search of the Perfect Bananathe over ripe ones are just not very tasty. After a few months of ongoing discussion about what the perfect banana would look like for me, I realized that I had the wrong person for this job. It wasn’t only the banana issue that led me to this conclusion; she just did not seem to care about following my instructions in the same way each time I was going out of town.

Outsourcing tasks is never an easy decision, but it should be fairly simple. I decided to find someone else to take over all of the duties my first assistant had been doing, but my goal was to find someone who could understand exactly what it was that I wanted.

This made me pause to reflect on what I was asking someone else to do. Was I being too picky? I pay my assistants fifteen dollars an hour plus mileage, so it seemed like a worthwhile position for someone looking to work ten to fifteen hours each week in my local community. Perhaps I was in search of a ‘perfect’ banana that did not actually exist.

I went back to doing my own shopping and headed to the produce section of two supermarkets in my neighborhood. Before I did this I stopped in to the Baskin Robbins ice cream store near my house. I asked them how they always had several bananas on hand that were just right for making banana splits. They explained the process to me in a way that completely made sense. This helped me to understand that the secret to obtaining bananas that were at the right level of ripeness was in buying them on the correct day. For example, if I needed a perfectly ripe banana on Friday, then it needed to be purchased on Wednesday.

The next week I hired a new assistant. We discussed everything I would need for her to do for me, including going to the post office, the dry cleaners, Subway, and the grocery store. I even had a ‘perfect’ banana ready to show her when she arrived for the interview. She smiled and nodded when I explained what it was that I was looking for in a banana, and I felt that she would never let me down.

It’s been almost a year now, and each time I eat my banana after being away I think about how much time and effort went into bringing it from wherever it was grown to my kitchen.

The point of this story is to make you aware of what you need in order to run your online business most efficiently. It takes a village to keep one person going, and the sooner you find the people who can support you in a variety of ways the better off you will be.

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Podcast: Kelly McCausey, Solopreneur and Podcaster

kelly mccausey Podcast: Kelly McCausey, Solopreneur and PodcasterKelly McCausey, solopreneur and online business woman, is the person who got me started with podcasting one year ago. I hardly knew her at that time, and now I consider her to be a very good friend. She has been podcasting for more than eight years, and we discuss her strategy on this during this call.

Sometimes Kelly does her podcast alone, what I consider to be a ‘fireside chat’, and others are with guests. I asked her if she makes an outline or a bulleted list when she starts talking, and she goes into great detail on how she plans out each podcast. We also talk about recommending products and courses during a podcast, and we both agree that it is completely appropriate to let people know what is available on the topic you are speaking about. We also discuss how to choose guests, what people are looking for with your podcast, and how to get started. I ask her advice on what I’m doing with my podcast and she shares her insights on how I can be more successful with this.

Another topic we discuss is the social site called ‘Slide Share’, and how it can benefit you as an online entrepreneur. This is just one of the resources Kelly shares. She also has a new book out called Solopreneurs Are Smarter that I highly recommend.

Kelly is always looking for people she refers to as ‘smart solopreneurs’ to be guests for her upcoming podcasts, so if you or someone you know would be a good fit be sure to connect with her.

Be sure to take a look at Kelly’s Podcasting Course so you can get started right away. She offers coaching as well, and you will find her to be a wise and gentle mentor who will help you to stretch as you achieve your goals.

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Are You Using A Marketing Calendar In Your Online Business?

Marketing Calendar2 300x158 Are You Using A Marketing Calendar In Your Online Business?Are you using a marketing calendar?

This time of year I like to take a step back and review what I am doing in my online business. Over the past six years I have made huge changes in what I do each day as I have learned more and grown as an entrepreneur. This is directly related to how well I plan and organize my time and efforts in every area of my life, and specifically in my business.

Taking the time to plan and organize will most definitely increase your bottom line. I typically do this each quarter, and then have monthly reviews and updates, as well as my end of the year overview. One thing that makes it all much faster and easier is my use of a marketing and editorial calendar.

Marketing Calendar Purposes Explained

By keeping an annual calendar for your content creation, live events, product creation, and marketing, you can easily keep track of your monthly, weekly, and daily activity throughout the year. This allows you to track your overall business goals, make sure your social media efforts are on track, and even pre-plan for special events, holidays, and other business related events. This will result in a focused and relaxed business atmosphere, instead of the chaotic, frenzied activities I see from most of the people working online today.

As an affiliate marketer, the marketing calendar gives me the flexibility of being able to recommend a variety of products and services throughout the year. As a product creator, I can make sure to offer a few different types of courses and trainings throughout the year. And as a content creator, the marketing and editorial calendar keeps me on track with my business and writing goals.

There is no right or wrong way to plan out your year; try a few different methods to see what works best for you.

Plan Monthly Themes and a Strategy

First, pick up a twelve month desk and wall calendar for your office. If your calendar doesn’t have holidays or observances in it already, add any that are relevant to your audience. Add annual events that your audience recognizes or participates in, such as specific days that make sense for what you have to offer. For example, World Entrepreneurship Day is celebrated on April 16 each year, and this may be an event that you can work into your schedule. You can see more examples of these special days here.

Next, brainstorm relevant themes for each month that relate to your niche and in the hearts and minds of your readers. Have fun with this so it will be something you look forward to as you plan and schedule.

Finally, coordinate your business goals with each of your monthly themes by planning daily or weekly topics that relate to each month’s original theme.

Planning Out Your Marketing Calendar

On a regular basis I am always adding and changing events on my calendar. If I am invited to speak at a live event I block off the days I need to be away from home. This would include my travel days, days at the event, and vacation days, if I choose to stay longer in that city. The same goes for when I am asked to speak on a webinar or as part of a telesummit. I would typically block off time to prepare my presentation in advance of the actual date I am presenting.

This leads into my marketing calendar and schedule of promotions. I want to know what I will be sharing with my community well in advance of my mailings, blog posts, social media updates, and my own teleseminars and webinars.

Your calendar need not be fancy or complicated. You know that I like to keep everything very simple, so I use a desk and a wall calendar from my local stationery store. The most important thing is to make sure to keep it current, relevant, updated, and packed with both content creation and marketing opportunities to help you grow your online business profitably.

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Podcast: Raymond Aaron, Branding Expert and Success Coach

DSCN1551 300x225 Podcast: Raymond Aaron, Branding Expert and Success CoachRaymond Aaron – branding expert, New York Times bestselling author, and business and real estate success coach, was my very first mentor. I originally met Raymond in April of 2005, and little did I know my connection with him would completely change my life. As I come to the end of the first year of my podcast series, it just made sense that I would have Raymond on as my guest so you could learn more about this amazing man who has helped so many people around the world to improve their lives.

In the picture on the left, I am with Raymond and Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and many other books. We all spoke at the Ultimate Authors Boot Camp in Toronto, Canada. Raymond is holding my first book, Huge Profits With A Tiny List, which is the branding he created for me several years ago.

In this podcast we discuss how transformational change comes about in your life, and why you need mentors to guide you in the direction you wish to take. Raymond knew that I wanted to pursue my dream of speaking internationally, and he has included me in his events on two continents so far.

When I attend Raymond’s Boot Camps I am there every minute, taking copious notes and internalizing everything he is teaching. He is a gifted master, and spending a few days with him is like getting a business education that is tailor made for you. He has a way of reaching out to everyone in attendance and making each of us feel like he is speaking just to us.

Find out more about how to attend the next Ultimate Author Boot Camp to change your life forever and achieve your business goals. I look forward to seeing you there during 2013.

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Connie Ragen Green Recognized By The Santa Clarita Arts Commission

IMG 3095 300x200 Connie Ragen Green Recognized By The Santa Clarita Arts CommissionThe message was short and to the point: ‘Connie Ragen Green, the Santa Clarita Arts Commission would like to recognize you for being an award winning and bestselling author, for your ongoing support of the arts, and for your contributions to service organizations throughout the City of Santa Clarita.’ I was surprised and honored to have been chosen for this special award.

On December 13, 2012 I was invited to City Hall to receive this special award. The five members of our Arts Commission, Chairman Tony Dow, and Vice Chairs Susan Shapiro, Paul B. Strickland, Gary Choppé, and Dr. Mark Millar, invited me to the front of the room and presented me with my certificate of recognition. They then went on to surprise me by asking me to autograph several of my books for them.

Earlier in the day, Vice Chair Paul B. Strickland had interviewed me for his weekly radio show, ‘Thursday Matinee’, at the offices of radio station KHTS, the Hometown Station of Santa Clarita. We discussed how I got started with my online marketing business, and how anyone can do the same thing if they wish to change their life in this way.

The Arts Commission joked that I should be helping them to promote what they are about to more people, and that is something I would love to get involved in. They are involved in so much special and valued work in Santa Clarita and the surrounding communities when it comes to sharing all facets of the arts with people of all ages. The best way to share your accomplishments is to let everyone know what you are doing. For example, I am blogging about being recognized by the City of Santa Clarita here in this blog post. I also sent a press release that you can view by clicking here, (learn more about press releases and publicity from Joan Stewart, the ‘Publicity Hound’) and I will spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well.

My goal is to spread the word about what I do to help new online entrepreneurs far and wide. What are you doing to let people know who you are, what you do, and how you can help them to achieve their goals?

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Podcast: Connie Ragen Green – Podcast For The New Year (2013)

DSCN8363 300x225 Podcast: Connie Ragen Green   Podcast For The New Year (2013)Connie Ragen Green, podcast creator, author, mentor, and online marketer. Now that sounds like the way I like to be introduced. This week’s podcast is from me alone, and I go into great detail about what we must all do in the new year to continue to grow our online businesses.

I’ve been doing a weekly podcast for one full year now, so if you have missed any of the fifty podcast interviews be sure to subscribe on iTunes to download them all.

In the picture above I’m at the beach in Santa Barbara, working on my iPad. Being able to work from anywhere I have an Internet connection is one of the best things about having an online business.

I have proclaimed 2013 ‘The Year to Simplify, Collaborate, and Publish’. If you are already online, you may need to simplify as well. Recently I read a post from Sir Richard Branson, the British business magnate and founder of Virgin and many other companies, related to the importance of keeping business simple. Collaborating has to do with connecting with others in order to help one another with business, and publishing has to do with the opportunity we now all have to get our writing out to the world through self-publishing.

The importance of having mentors to guide you through the various areas of your life cannot be emphasized enough. Many people have helped me to achieve the success I am enjoying these days. Look for people to mentor to in the areas where you need help, and then mentor others in the areas you are knowledgeable in.

I also discuss how to market yourself. This begins locally, in your own community, and then expands to other locales around the world. I also discuss using your blog, press releases, and your affiliates to help you to expand more quickly.

Product creation will increase your online income substantially. Every time you create a new information product you learn more and have an additional income stream. Over time this will build up your inventory and give you the leverage you need to move forward in a huge way. Keep the products simple, and then add more to them over time.

The look and feel of your sites is now more important than ever. Homemade sites used to be acceptable, but these days every site we own must look and feel professional. If technology is not your strong suit, find someone to help you with your online presence so that you can easily compete with anyone else on the Internet.

When thinking about your life and your business, you do not have to choose one idea over another. Get used to saying AND, not OR, and then do whatever you need to do to have everything you want in your life. I am here to serve you, so please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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Online Marketing Tips: Becoming A Published Author

writer Online Marketing Tips: Becoming A Published AuthorBecoming a published author will change your life forever. You will be perceived differently by others, and doors will open to new opportunities you may never have expected before. As we come to the end of another year and the beginning of a new one, you may be looking for additional ways to increase your income from a new or existing business. Writing a short book to publish on Kindle is an excellent way to launch a new Internet business or to promote an ongoing brick and mortar business. I will explain exactly how to do this using the publishing model.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time, you know that I am a proponent of creating content that explains who you are, what you do, and how you serve others through your business. There are a variety of ways to do this, including blogging, article marketing, short reports, eBooks, audio recordings, videos, and publishing on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon.

I have quite a few of these available at Amazon, and to get a more complete idea of what I am referring to please take a look at my Author Page on Amazon. You will see that I have written many books that are available on both Kindle and in paperback; books I have co-written; and books I have contributed to along with other authors and business partners since 2010.

What I am suggesting here is that you collaborate with a few other people – four to six is manageable for your first one – to create a book that will then be available on Kindle or as a paperback book at Amazon. If you are a group of business owners or entrepreneurs, for example, you would each write ten to fifteen pages and combine the writing into one book for publication. Choose a common theme so that the book flows smoothly for easy reading. This makes it less work for each individual and more beneficial for the entire group.

One way you could approach this is to connect with people at the service organization or local business meeting you are a part of in your community. If you are not part of such a group right now I recommend that you visit your local Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, or any of a number of groups that meet regularly. Ask people if they would like to get involved in a short writing project that would promote everyone as a published author and an expert on their topic. With a theme such as customer service, innovations in the industry, or community involvement, everyone would be able to show themselves in a positive light with what they write and contribute to the project.

The next step is for each person to write their chapter and return it to you by an agreed upon deadline. You may edit it yourself or find someone who has more expertise in this area. The idea is to keep it simple so that the final book is easy to read and offers true value to the readers. At the end of your chapter write a short bio that explains who you are, what you do, and how the reader may contact you further.

Submitting your content to Amazon is an amazingly simple process. For Kindle, go to and for print books go to They have step by step instructions on how to submit your writing, and the entire process takes just two or three days at the most.

The result is that you and the others become published authors while also promoting yourself to the world. I have done this many times now, and each time I am part of a new book it extends my reach even further.


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