Podcast: D’vorah Lansky on Podcasting for Beginners

Dvorah LanskyPodcasting for Beginners

I have known D’vorah Lansky since 2009 and have had the pleasure to work with her personally as she began her online business. She is now a marketing rock star and one of the few people I’ve had as a guest for my podcast series for the second time. D’vorah’s true audience is authors and speakers, but she has proven herself to be versatile in her work with people from a variety of communities. She is now teaching podcasting for beginners and I knew I wanted to share this information with my audience and community.

During this podcast interview D’vorah and I discuss the history of podcasting and the how and why of when we were both first attracted to this medium for getting our messages out to the world. Podcasting was highly technical and out of reach for most entrepreneurs in its infancy, but has now evolved into a fast and easy way to connect with your target audience on a regular basis. Beginning in 2016, many new cars will have a feature that allows you to search and listen to podcasts in your car the way you currently access AM and FM radio stations. This will bring you closer to millions of potential listeners who wish to learn about your topic while they are driving.

I shared with her how I first began my podcast back in 2007 and quickly gave it up because I felt like I didn’t have anything valuable to share with my listeners. She gives her insight on how best to narrow down your focus so that you will be able to teach on a topic that makes sense for you and your target audience.

Recently D’vorah teamed with respected entrepreneur Doug Foresta to begin teaching podcasting to those who wish to use this as a marketing and content creation strategy for their businesses. We talk about how they decided to form their partnership for their trainings on podcasting and what made them realize this was a worthwhile venture.

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