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Paul Taubman 268x300 Podcast: Paul Taubman   Need Help With WordPressIf you need help with WordPress, Paul Taubman is definitely the person to know. I’ve know Paul for almost three years now, and he has proven himself to be an expert in his field. Paul and I first met at a live event, and these days we are fellow instructors.

Paul shares how it was his father who first got him interested in computers and technology by signing him up for a computer class while Paul was still in junior high school. He took to it so well that he decided to follow that as a career path, even though his father was a composer and conductor and would have preferred that he follow his passion with music as a career (Paul played the trumpet). We discussed the connection between music, math, technology, and science, and Paul mentions a book on this subject matter called ‘Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid‘.

He began learning HTML code a number of years ago, building sites from scratch and finally doing it for clients. This was in the late 90s, when most of us were just finding out about technology. The only browser available at that time was Netscape, and it had to be purchased as software for your computer. By 2005 or so the Internet and eCommerce came alive and went mainstream. He took an online WordPress course and finally put the pieces together. When he took the course for the second time he decided to follow the instructor’s teaching and changed his thinking on what was possible with this additional knowledge and strategy. Since then he has converted most of his clients over to the WordPress platform.

People who need help with WordPress have been learning from Paul for more than three years now, and he is an excellent teacher. You can get involved with his complimentary WordPress training here. I asked him if there are times when people should not set up their own sites, and he shares his insight on that issue. He discusses the concept of ‘core competency’ and the importance of considering this in your business plan.

Paul also has another site on gratitude, and this continues to be a passion of his. This was the first site he ever built and he loves helping others along their personal growth journey. He shares how something that he did for joy has exploded into a way of serving others around the world. Paul has an incredible gift for sharing his knowledge, interests, and passions with the world and I know you will enjoy this podcast.

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