Podcast: Book Copy Editor Tanya Brockett

Tanya BrockettTanya Brockett, copy editor and authorpreneur, was my guest for this episode of my podcast series. I initially met Tanya in Austin while presenting at Joe Vitale’s live event on entrepreneurship and mindset. We spoke briefly, yet I felt a connection with her right away. It wasn’t until she contacted me over a year later that I found out that she is a professional copy editor. She ended up attending my live event in Los Angeles earlier this year and being the most well-received of all of my speakers. Now we work closely together in a variety of ways.

Tanya has operated an editorial services firm for more than ten years now. During this interview I asked her exactly what an editor is and why does an author need one when we have friends or writing critique groups who can read our work for us and tell us what they think. You may be surprised by her answer. She agreed that many authors believe that editing is just something you do quickly before you send your manuscript to the publisher or printer, but she doesn’t agree. I can speak from personal experience when I tell you that having a professional editor look at your manuscript and recommend changes can make the difference between publishing a book you are proud of and one that will make readers cringe at every page turn.

She shared some advice for finding and working with the right editor for your book, and the importance of working with someone who will help you to get your unique message out to the world. We all have a natural fear of someone changing our ideas, and Tanya understands that concept due to her years of working with authors in this capacity. We also discussed some common errors we tend to make in our writing.

Tanya authored a book called The iPad, the Manifestation, and the Law of Attraction which we discuss as well here. It is in this writing that she share her seven step process for creating your best life now. She shares how this can apply to authors and entrepreneurs in every aspect of our lives. You’ll want to grab a copy and go through the seven steps for yourself. She also shares her TAN-TAN (pronounced Tawn-Tawn) strategy and where that originated.

Whether you have already written your book or are just in the planning stages, Tanya Brockett is someone you’ll want to know. She’s set up a special page for my community here.

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