Ready for your Close-Up? Video Marketing for your Business

video-marketingVideo Marketing for Your Business

Driving massive, targeted traffic to your websites has never been easier than it is today with video marketing as a growth strategy. When I got started with my online business in 2006, I was not ready for my close-up. I was one of those people who shied away from the spotlight and preferred to be the one behind the camera instead of being the center of attention. That all changed when I attended an event and one of the speakers wanted a picture of us together. Instead of declining, I silently said ‘Thank you, God, that someone wants a photo with me’ and flashed my brightest smile. I have never looked back since that day.

Video marketing has finally hit its stride in business. It has never been easier to get your photos and videos up online and out to the world. My YouTube channel is very popular, and I describe it as being a ‘lifestyle channel’ in which I share my travels and other life experiences that are available to me as an entrepreneur. You can see for yourself by visiting my Channel, and be sure to subscribe while you’re there to learn more about how I’m using videos to grow my business.

Something new to the scene is called Periscope, and you can download the free App for your iPhone or Android device. Then go to this site to see my most recent scopes. This platform allows you to host a live stream video from anywhere in the world using just your smart phone. I’ve hosted my own videos from the beach in Santa Barbara and joined others in their living rooms, nightclubs, and even riding a surfboard off the coast of Sydney, Australia. The possibilities are endless.

Instagram can also be used for videos, and you can see what I’m doing there by visiting my profile. I’m Connie Ragen Green on Instagram. This site has been particularly instrumental in helping me to show a more personal side of what I do in my life and business on a day to day basis.

YouTube can also be done exclusively from your smart phone. Just remember to turn the phone horizontally while recording for best results. You can then upload the finished video to YouTube and it will be live in minutes. I recommend waiting until you are plugged in and connected to the Internet so you can upload it as an HD (high definition) video for a superior final product.

So, what am I recommending when you are an entrepreneur or small business owner in regards to video?

  • Brainstorm ideas on exactly what you’d like to show your prospects
  • Make a list of the steps you could show in a short video presentation
  • Record a few short videos and then show them to others for feedback
  • Go back and record some new videos that explain your business

Remember that you may show yourself in these videos or be behind the camera just voicing them. Different scenarios will dictate how you do this. Or, create a short PowerPoint or Keynote with some bullet points and then explain them each very clearly. These training videos will add great value and bring clarity of message to those who may wish to do business with you.

For example, a massage therapist may want to create short (fewer than five minutes is best) videos showing the process of massage with a subject. Always get written consent before showing someone in your video. They could also voice a video where they show their office or work space and take a short tour, explaining in great detail what each piece of equipment is used for during massage. Finally, they could create a short slide presentation that gives the history of this type of healing practice, describes how the process works, and explains what a new client should expect if they should decide to work with a massage therapist for a period of time.

Allowing your prospects, and even your current clients to view your videos about what you do and have to offer will go a long way in getting the word out to the right people about your unique approach to your field and industry. Even though there are several learning modalities that resonate with people, visual continues to be the medium that the overwhelming majority of people will relate to most readily. How are you building your business with video marketing?

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