Podcast: Lou Bortone, Video Marketing Expert

lou bortone Podcast: Lou Bortone, Video Marketing ExpertLou Bortone, video marketing expert, was my guest for this podcast. I first met Lou several years ago at a live event, and realized right away how talented he was when it came to creating videos and implementing video marketing as a business strategy. We are now both on the faculty of NAMS so I’m able to connect with him twice a year in person.

Lou has spent the last twenty years as a marketing and branding executive with national brands like Fox, Fox Kids, E! Entertainment Television, The Family Channel and NBC.  More recently, he has taken his marketing and branding experience online, where he works with coaches and entrepreneurs to build breakthrough brands on the Internet. He currently lives in Boston, and grew up in the business because his father was involved in this area. The business changed significantly once everything came online, and Lou has been right there through it all.

We discussed how he creates some gorgeous videos that share a message and a story. He approaches this from a marketing, rather technical perspective, giving each video a beginning, a middle, and an end in most cases.

I shared that I still use a Flip camera for my videos, using a variety of methods to record my messages within the video format. We also discussed how Skype video is being used by shows such as Oprah and some sports channels. Lou feels like this is good news for online entrepreneurs, as we do not have to have professional equipment in order to add video marketing to your mix. Even a cell phone can be used to record our videos. He agrees that they should be short, no longer than about three minutes. He recommends using a couple of free sites, such as Animoto, to get your video message out to the world. His advice is that ‘done is better than perfect’ in most cases and that people will not judge us by the quality of our videos. Just get it out there and share your message.

Lou also has a ‘done for you’ service where he can edit your raw video clips and create a professional video montage that will get your name and face out to the world in a way you will be proud to share.

Take your 10 question quiz to learn what your ‘video persona’ is and to learn more from Lou Bortone, video marketing expert and brilliant marketer. You may also download an eBook on how to get started with video by going here.

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